Casefile Clues

I am always seeking new ideas to help break through my many “brick walls”. This morning, I came across an interesting link on Genealogy Today

It was a highly positive review of a weekly newsletter called “Casefile Clues”.  I ordered my free sample (by emailing which arrived in my inbox (as an automated response) almost immediately.

The response included links to two .pdf sample newsletters and a link which listed past topics. Following was the text included with the response:

“Thank you for your interest in Casefile Clues, a weekly genealogy how-to
newsletter written by Michael John Neill. Casefile Clues is not about the latest
website or database. Instead it focuses on sources, methods, problem-solving,
and analysis.

All research is drawn from personal research Michael has conducted in a wide
variety of states and several foreign countries. Upcoming topics include a
series on metes and bounds deeds in Kentucky, War of 1812 benefit records,
hiring and working with a professional genealogist, problem-solving approaches
on two brick wall ancestors, work with pre-1850 census records, and more.
Casefile Clues covers records and families from across the United States with a
focus on analysis and method that can be applied to problems in a variety of
areas and time periods. We even discuss things that did not work as that too is
an important part of the research process”.

Of course, (as I might have expected)  I was unable to access the .pdf files on my Compaq laptop running on Windows Vista (grrrrrrrrrrr – how I despise Vista!!) even though I have Adobe Acrobat Pro V9.  Michael provides his personal e-mail address in the event that you have questions or can not open the file, I was able to view them on my desktop MAC. 

In the right hand column of Michael’s website, there are a number of positive reviews from some popular bloggers including three of my favorites: DearMyrtle, Dick Eastman and GeneaMusings –

I found the samples to be quite thorough and clearly written.  The reader is taken step by step through the research process.  This is a great resource for beginning and intermediate (and even advanced) researchers.  And I think a great deal for the price!

As of this writing, Casefile Clues is available weekly by email subscription for $17 a year (52 issues) or $6.50 for 3 months  –  – You can also purchase back issues at $1.25 each.  It seems that once Michael completes his 52nd issue these will only be available as a full set (so if you want individual copies order them quickly).


You may wish to take advantage of the offer which he posted on his site Wednesday, August 4th:

“For now until issue 52 comes out, you can get issues 1-52 from Casefile Clues volume 1 and have your subscription good through the end of volume 2 for only $34!”

Before signing up, explore his blog:  Today I found a paypal link offering subscriptions at $15.00 through October 2010 and a copy of original issues 1-50 for another $15.00…  There are also prices listed for 10 issues. 

You can reach Michael directly at

I submitted my subscription request via papypal.  Michael emailed (from his phone) saying that he was out of the office and would get me my first newsletter upon his return.  I few hours later I had it!  Amazing customer service!

Michael also writes a blog entitled “Genealogy Tip of the Day” which I have added to my favorite blogs  –


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  1. Posted by Barbara on August 6, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    The paypal site you listed took me to something about Roadrunner



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