The Careers of John Galatis Haines (Week #4 – 52 Ancestors)

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year’s Challenge: “Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

A man of many talents, John “Jack” Galatis/Glatis Haines, my Nana’s dad, was the son of William John “John” Haines and Jennie Ferguson both of Ricibucto, New Brunswick, Canada.


My g-grandfather was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, 22 February 1885, second of eight.  His siblings included Edith, Alexander (who tragically died aboard the Ticonderoga –, Ella May, Margaret Elizabeth, Joseph, Minnie and Jennie. He attended school through the 7th grade [1940 census; as reported by his wife].

He married Edith Bernice Lansil, daughter of Edwin Lansil (of Bangor Maine) and Jane Catherine Roberts (of Llanfairfechan, Wales) on 26 June 1906.


They had eight children – Edith Anna (my Nana), John “Jack” Galatis/Glatis Jr., Walter Lansil (who died at 11 months from acute enteritis and colitis), Doris, Marion Jeanette, William Alexander “Billy”, Bernice Frances and Natalie.

edith and Jackedith and Jack2john galatis haines and Edith Lansil honeymoon NYC

1. (top) Jack, Edith and young Edith; (bottom) Jack, Edith, young Edith and Jack Jr.;  2. Bernice & Jack (rear), Doris, Marion & Edith holding cousin David Marshall and cousin Doris Marshall 3. Jack & Edith on their Honeymoon in NYC;

Daughter Natalie (who was 14 when her dad passed) recalls a childhood of dad buying homes, moving them in, fixing them up, selling them for profit and moving again; a pattern repeated a few times.  There were many mouths to feed through the Great Depression (1929-39). The Haines lived in Melrose, Malden and for a short time Saugus, Massachusetts (allegedly departing Saugus when Doris showed interest in a “colored boy”).

Jack first appears in the 1904 city directory at the age of 19 and over the next 38 years claims at least eleven occupations –  a Salesman, Chemist, Brakeman at the railroad, working for a lumberyard, a Road Builder, Steel Riveter at a ship yard, Carpenter, Plasterer, Mason, General Jobber and an employee of a radio manufacturer as a machinist.

1900 – no occupation – living with his parents at 154 Wordsworth, East Boston; [census; at 15 he is not attending school  nor is he listed with an occupation; his dad is a Carpenter and has been listed as such since his US arrival in the early 1880’s; perhaps they are working together]

1904 – Salesman; boards 154 Wordsworth, EB

1905 – works 480 Chelsea St. EB  [Walter S. Hill Chemical, manufacturing –] as does his dad who has become a Chemist; boards 154 Wordsworth.

walter s hill

1906/7 – Chemist; home 154 Wordsworth, EB [marriage record & Edith’s birth]

1906/7- Salesman; boards 154 Wordsworth, EB

1908 – Salesman; home 101 Maxwell, Dorchester [his wife Edith’s family home]

1909 – Salesman; home 154 Wordsworth, EB

1910 – Brakeman/Railroad; home 27 Blaine St., Boston/Allston [census & John Jr. birth]

1910/11 – Salesman; home 27 Blaine St., Boston/Allston [census, rents home]

1912 – Lumberyard [Walter Lansil’s birth]

1912-16 – Salesman; home 167 Forest St., Melrose, MA [& Doris’s birth]

1916/17 – Road Builder [Mason membership card, Mount Vernon Lodge, Malden, MA & Marion’s birth]

1918 – Riveter, Bethlehem Ship Corporation, Quincy; home 30 Plymouth Rd., Malden [draft registration – company built WWI destroyers – – Chapter III] 

1919 – Steel Riveter; home 30 Plymouth Rd., Malden [Billy’s birth]

1918-20 – Road Builder; home 30 Plymouth Rd., Malden

1920 – Carpenter; home 30 Plymouth Rd., Malden [census, rents home]

1922/4 – no job listed; home 45 Naples Rd., Melrose

1926/9 – General Jobbing;  home 45 Naples Rd., Melrose

1930 – Plasterer; home 8 Oxford St., Melrose [census, owns home valued $4,000 and radio set]


1930 map Oxford St. & Naples Rd., Malden, MA, location of two homes Jack bought and sold

1930 – General Jobbing; home 8 Oxford St., Melrose

1932- [not listed in either Malden or Melrose city directories, likely the period they spent in Saugus]

1934/36 – Plasterer; home 28 Ripley, Malden

1937/39 – Plasterer; home 18 Everett, Malden

1940  – Mason, Building Construction; rent home 18 Everett, Malden [census; his wife Edith is the informant]

1942 – National Company, 67 Sherman St., Malden; home 18 Everett, Malden [draft registration & undated SS card; manufacturer of professional, military and amateur radio equipment; National Radio was first incorporated in 1914 as the “National Toy Company”. By 1916 they had broadened their product line to include household goods so they changed their name to the “National Company, Inc.” They got started into radio in the early 20’s. By 1923 the National inventory included trade marked toys, Magnetic Dancers, Roberts Mixers, DMB Covers, Victrolene, and radio components.]


1942 – well known Plasterer; home 18 Everett, Malden [obituary]

1942 – Radio Machinist; home 18 Everett, Malden [death certificate]



* when source not noted, information came from city directories


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