“I’m Going to Disney World!”

Next week, the winner of the Super Bowl heads to Disney World!…..

Two Hall immigrants settled in Bristol County, Massachusetts in the 1600’s; George Hall of Taunton and Edward Hall of Rehoboth.  My 5th g-grandfather, Brian Hall, b. 1727, in an area now known as Raynham, Massachusetts, was thought to descend from one of these men.

Paperwork is sparse, so my brother kindly agreed to join the Hall DNA study in an effort to identify our ancestors.  He took a Y-DNA67 test (for males only, which follows the paternal line); we matched neither George or Edward.  Five years passed.  Bristol County historians, with whom I consulted, insisted there were no other Hall families in the area.  They recommended that I seek other Hall descendants of Brian, outside of my direct line line, and convince them to test.  They suspected that one of my grandmothers may have passed the “milkman’s child” off as a Hall. We are kit #115426 – http://www.familytreedna.com/public/hall/default.aspx?section=yresults

About a year ago I tracked down two 5th cousins and blogged about it here –http://hallsofgeorge.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/my-5th-cousin-and-dna/  –  The Update?  We are Halls!  We matched 35 of 37 markers.  There was a 3rd Hall family in Bristol County! To date I have found no evidence of this family but interestingly we have a 3rd DNA match – Joseph Hall, who immigrated from England in 1745, married Ann Hitt Martin Strange and settled in Harrison and Lewis Counties, West Virginia – http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~hyde/hall/

Hopefully, future Hall testers will help connect our dots.

DNA resultsFirst 30 Hall DNA markers (double click to view larger)

When I discovered that my mother was Acadian, Lucie LeBlanc Consentino (http://www.acadian-home.org/) suggested an mtDNA test (which follows the maternal line), to help break through my brick wall and prove Stephen White’s (Genealogist at Moncton University’s Centre d’Études Acadiennes) theory of our heritage..  Stephen was correct! We matched Genevieve Lefranc one of the “Mothers of Acadia” http://www.acadian-home.org/mothers.html

Next I tried the family finder test, hoping to break through a few brick walls; my mother, husband and a few cousins tested.  My results are on 23andme, Ancestry.com, FamilytreeDNA and GEDMATCH.  Hundreds of matches…  Confusing matches.  I need to learn more about DNA and how it works.  So I start Googling.  I come across a blog and began reading about DNA –  http://blog.kittycooper.com/

I notice that Kitty’s blog is running a contest – winner gets an entrance pass to RootsTech.  A bell goes off in my head.  Last summer, when I ran into Michael Hall (no known relation), Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer at FamilySearch, I asked him which conference he would choose if he could attend only one.  He immediately responded RootsTech. So….I entered the contest. “Submit a question for author Stephen Wells”, a geneticist  – http://tinyurl.com/kk8o63r –  My question,  “What is the future of DNA in genealogy? – say 25 years from now….” won the contest!

So…. while the Super Bowl winner heads to Disney World, thanks to Kitty Cooper & DNA “I’m Going to RootsTech!!!!”  https://rootstech.org/   Flight and hotel booked, cat sitter in place and I am off to study the class schedule!


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