52 Ancestors Week #28 – Using Consanguinity to Prove Parentage in the Roy Family

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year’s Challenge: “Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”

If you are a Roy/Roi/King cousin or other researcher, I would very much appreciate corrections and/or additions and would love family photos and stories.  This post covers only the children and grandchildren of Joseph Roy/Roi (King), but I am attempting to capture descendants through present day in my offline genealogy program. 

Special THANK YOU to Stephen White, Genealogist at Moncton University’s Centre d’Études Acadiennes for his work on piecing together so many Acadian families (http://www.umoncton.ca/umcm-ceaac/node/55); and Lucie LeBlanc Consentino who’s website and Facebook page has taught me so much of everything Acadian, she has also given permission to use some of her cemetery photos (http://www.acadian-home.org/) and last but not least the folks who instructed the French/French-Canadian week long course at Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG), 2011 (I attended to learn “how-to” research my husband’s French Canadians, without realizing I was 25% Acadian myself!, as my mother, (50% Acadian & 50% Lithuanian) was not raised by her biological parents.


In the beginning, I was a typical “newbie”….I took anything written on the internet as “fact” and copied “ancestors” in unsourced trees by the hundreds. My goal was to simply collect names back to Adam and Eve. Well, maybe not back that far, but you get my point.  I am slowly reviewing those additions to correct any errors and perhaps learn more of the lives and the times of these ancestors.

Today’s project:  To document the wives/children and grandchildren of my 3rd great grandfather Joseph Roy/Roi (King) and determine if François Roy/Roi (King) and Vénérande Savoie are his parents.


Let’s Start with the Marriages

My 3rd g-grandparents were Joseph Roy/Roi (King) and (Judith) Angélique Beliveau who were married on 13 November 1855 in Scoudouc, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada. The marriage record reads:

Scoudouc, Westmoreland N.B., St Jacques- le 13 Novembre 1855, après la publication ordinince des bans de mariage entre Joseph Roy veuf majeure de défunt Léger de Bouctouche d’una part, et Angelique Beliveau fille mineure de Amand Beliveau et de Natalie Bourgeois de la missons de Squédouc, d’autre part ne s’étant découvert aucun empêchement et __ le consentement des parents nous prêtre soussigné avons  reçu leur mutual consentement de mariage et leur avons donne la benediction nuptiale en presence de Joseph Maillet et de Euphamie Beliveau qui ainsi que les époux niut su signer.

Which translates to something like:

Scoudouc, Westmoreland N.B., St Jacques- the 13 November 1855, after the publication of banns of marriage ordinance­­ between Joseph Roy, of legal age, widower of deceased Léger of Bouctouche on the one part and Angelique Beliveau minor daughter of Amand Beliveau and Natalie Bourgeois of the mission of Scoudouc on the other part, having received no impediment and having ___ consent from the parents we priest undersigned have received their mutual consent of marriage and have given them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Joseph Maillet and of Euphamie Beliveau which together with the spouses sign this night.

joseph marriage 2

If Joseph was the “widower of deceased Léger of Bouctouche”, then their marriage and her death occurred prior to November 1855, likely in Bouctouche.

In the parish of St-Jean-Baptiste in Bouctouche, a Henriette Legere, 31 years old, spouse of Joseph Roi, died the “day before yesterday and was buried in the cemetery of this parish” on 23 April 1853.

This seems to be a good possibility for Joseph’s first wife.  A potential relative, Francois Roi, was present as mentioned in the entry.

Herietta death

Also in the parish of St-Jean-Baptiste, Bouctouche a marriage is recorded between Joseph Roi and Henriette Legere in 1847:

Le 2 fevrier 1847 apres après la publication ordinince des bans de mariage faite a nos  messes paroissiales entre Joseph Roi et Henriette Legere apres avoir accorde dispense du 3 au 3 et du 4 au 4me degre de consanguinite en vertue des facultes accordees a monseigneur William Dallard par un indulte du sd Octobre 1842 par le St. Siege Ad decennium ces dites facultes nous ayant ete accordies nous avons reçu leur  consentement mutual de mariage et leur avons donne la benediction nuptiale en presence de Francois Roi, Isaac LeBlanc

Which translates to something like:

On February 2, 1847 after after the publication of banns ordinance made ​​to our parish masses between Joseph Roi and Henrietta Legere after having granted dispensation from 3 to 3 and 4 to the 4th degree of consanguinity in virtue of the powers granted by a Monseigneur William Dallard indulte of October 1842 by the St. Siege Ad Decennium these faculties having been said we accordingly received consent mutual of their marriage and have given the nuptial benediction in the presence of  Francois Roi, Isaac LeBlanc

A Francois Roi, was again present.

Marriage1 joseph

Huh? “after having granted dispensation from 3 to 3 and 4 to the 4th degree of consanguinity”

So what is consanguinity?  Wikipedia defines it as ” the quality of being descended from the same ancestor as another person”.

The Catholic Church required couples to gain permission prior to marrying a relative, as the offspring of consanguineous relationships are at greater risk of certain genetic disorders and they considered marrying a close relative immoral.  The dispensation was granted for the degree of consanguinity without distinguishing between half and full siblings or “spiritual” relatives (i.e. if your father married a second wife who had her own offspring, then you were technically related to the second wife’s children from her first marriage and would require dispensation for the degree of affinity).

So it appears that Joseph Roy was related to his first wife in two ways:

  • 3 to 3 (third degree): i.e. second cousins, sharing great grandparents
  • 4 to 4 (fourth degree): i.e.  third cousins, sharing great, great grandparents

Noted Acadian researcher/genealogist Stephen A. White published La généalogie des trente-sept familles hôtesses des « Retrouvailles 94 » which can be found HERE.

He notes in the Leger genealogy:

JEAN LÉGER (à Joseph à Jacques à Jacques à Jacques), m (1) GENEVIÈVE CORMIER, their 9th child was:

Henriette, n Memramcook 25 fév 1821; m Bouctouche 2 fév 1847 Joseph ROY (François & Vénérande Savoie); d Bouctouche 21 avril 1853.

Using these two sets of “parents”, I identified at least one case of consanguinity:

The chart below (created using genealogical data from Stephen A. White’s La généalogie des trente-sept familles) shows the third degree of consanguinity (a common g-grandfather, Pierre-Jacques Leger).  Joseph’s maternal grandmother Marie Leger (a twin/jumelle) and Henriette Legere’s paternal grandfather, Joseph Legere are half-siblings, both the child of Pierre Jacques Leger – Joseph by his wife Agathe Breau and Marie by his wife Marie Madeleine Haché.

revised Legere
Joseph’s parents, François Roy/Roi (King) son of François Roy & Marie Leger and Vénérande Savoie daughter of Jean Savoie and Marie Allain were married in Richibucto in 1820 having been granted dispensation from [?] degree of consanguinity (unable to read the degree).
Roy Savoie marriage
On 24 May 1858, Joseph’s mother, Vénérande, age 59, was buried in Bouctouche.
sav death
On 27 April 1875, Joseph’s father Francois, age 78, was buried in Bouctouche.
frank death

Baptisms of known children

Joseph had twelve known children.  For ease, I numbered each child from 1-12 and included “their number” in any further discussion of their lives, with the exception of Libie (Lébée/Lybie ?) b. 1851 for whom no further information was located.  Although it should be noted, that Libie/Lébée/Lybie’s godparents were François Roy and Vénérande Savoie, strengthening the argument that there was a relationship with ‘her father Joseph, likely her grandparents.

The online Bouctouche parish registers are handwritten copies of the original; the photos included here are of the copies from the Drouin Collection available on Ancestry.com.  Father Alban Thibodeau who created the index of the Bouctouche records, found the original registers and there were errors in the transcription (I am hoping to obtain copies). This branch of Roy’s were baptized, married and buried in Bouctouche parish until the arrival of Ste-Marie’s (Mont-Carmel’s) first resident pastor in 1870.

(1) Cyrille –  Joseph’s son from his first marriage to Legere, baptized  20 November 184, St-Jean Parish  in Bouctouche.  Godparents were Jean Legere and Agnes Roi.

birth Cyrille

(2) Pierre – Joseph’s son from his first marriage to Legere, baptized 30 November 1849, in St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Pierre Hebert and Marie Roi.

birth Pierre

(3) Libie (Lébée/Lybie?)– Joseph’s daughter from his first marriage to Legere, baptized 28 Dec 1851, in St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche; godparents were François Roy and Vénérande Savoie (Joseph’s parents!)  It is possible that she died young, was adopted and/or the name “Libie” is a transcription error, as it is not a “typical” name of the place/time.

Libie birth

(4) Hippolite –  Joseph’s son from his first marriage to Legere, baptized 9 Feb 1853, in St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche; godparents were Louis Legere and Olive LeBlanc.  He was not living with the Roy family in any census year and was adopted by Eustache Poirier.

hippo birth

(5) Dosithee – Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 30 July 1857, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Pacifique Belliveau and Agnes Roy.

Doscite birth

(6) Sifroi (Sigefroi/Sigefroy/Sigefroie)- Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 12 November 1858, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparent was Charles Maillet.

Sifroi birth

(7) Henriette – Joseph’s daughter from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 2 December 1860, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Jean C. Maillet and Marraine Henriette Bastarache.

henriette birth daughter

(8) Sylvain – Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 12 December 1861, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Sylvain Maillet and Marraine Jeanette LeBlanc. Joseph’s middle name is given as Francois.

Sylvain birth

(9) Cécile – Joseph’s daughter from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 4 June 1866, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Cyrille Roy and Cecile Allain.

Cecile birth

(10) Vital – Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 30 March 1868, St-Jean Parish in Bouctouche. Godparents were Edouard and Marraine Genevieve Belliveau.  Note that his mother is recorded as “Julie”, this was the only record in the parish that was likely the correct baptism for Vital, perhaps Julie is in error and it was meant to be Judith. His marriage record names Judith as his mother, and when he travels to the US in 1916 he gives a contact in Canada as a brother Sylvain.

Vital birth

(11) Olivier, Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 5 June 1870, at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel. Godparents were _____ Maillet and _____ Richard.

Oliver bap

(12) Jude,  Joseph’s son from his second marriage to Belliveau, baptized 24 June 1873, at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel. Godparents were Dosite Roy and Domtilda Cormier.

Jude baptism

The Census Data

The census data may further strengthen the theory of Joseph’s parentage.  A man named Frank (Francois?), of the age to be Joseph’s father, happens to live very close (or perhaps on the same farm) in 1861. A woman named Agnes Roy who is listed as a daughter to Frank in 1861 appears to be residing with Joseph’s two sons Cyrille and Pierre from his first marriage in 1871 and also with Cyrille in 1881.  Agnes Roy was named as godmother to Joseph’s sons Cyrille and Dosithee.

Joseph (1829-1913) settled in Sainte-Marie-de-Kent (Sainte-Marie), a Canadian village in Kent County, New Brunswick. Today located in the parish of Saint Mary, which was established in 1867 from part of Wellington Parish; the same year Canada officially become a country. The village is located about 28 miles north of Moncton on North side of the Buctouche River, 1.4 miles North East of Upper Bouctouche. Its residents are largely Acadian, most of whom speak French in its local variant Chaic.

St. Mary’s (LeBlanc, Emery. La vie à Saint-Marie.  c1984):

in 1871 it had a population of 100:

in 1898 St. Mary’s was a farming and fishing community with 1 post office, 4 stores, 1 cheese factory, 1 church and a population of about 1,000: included the community of Mount Carmel:

in 1904 Mount Carmel was a farming settlement with 1 post office, 4 stores, 2 churches and a population of 250:

Map st Mary


1851/1861 Canadian Census

The 1851 Canadian census for Kent County did not survive. By 1861, Joseph and his family resided in what was then Wellington Parish; they were Roman Catholic. He was listed as Joseph “junior”. Was the title “junior” an enumerator error?  Perhaps he meant to communicate that Joseph was the son of Francois Roy/Roi who resided nearby.  Joseph’s middle name is likely Francois [as written on his son Sylvain’s baptism record], so perhaps he was a “junior”. It seems that many of his descendants were given a birth name Joseph and then used their middle name in every day life (common among many French Canadians).

Joseph, junior, age 31, farmer [my 3rd g-grandfather]
Angélique, age 29, wife
(1) Ceril, age 14, son [likely Joseph’s son Cyrille from his first marriage to Legere, baptized  20 November 1847]
(2) Peter, age 12, son [likely Joseph’s son Pierre from his first marriage to Legere, baptized 30 November 1849]
(5) Docité, age 4, son [my 2nd g-grandfather – Dosithee, baptized 30 July 1857] 
(6) Cephor, age 3, son [likely Sifroi, baptized 12 November 1858]
(7) Onriette, age 1, daughter [likely Henriette,  baptized 2 December 1860]

Next door (or perhaps on the same farm) are Joseph’s likely paternal relatives:

– Frank, junior, age 63, widower, farmer [likely Joseph’s father and the Francois mentioned in other records]
 Olive. age 39, daughter [likely Joseph’s sister]
Onyez [Agnes ?], age 37, daughter [likely Joseph’s sister]
– Frank, senior, age 92, lodger [likely Joseph’s paternal grandfather]

1861 census

1871 Canadian Census

By 1871 the family is enumerated in the newly formed parish of Sainte-Marie (with four additional children).  The two eldest children are no longer residing with Joseph, nor are any members of the King/Roy family who were found in an adjoining home in 1861:

Joseph, 42, cultivateur (farmer), can not read or write
Angelique, 40, can not read or write
(5) Docitée, 13  
(6) Sigefroi,12
(7) Henriette,10
(8) Sylvain, 9 [baptized 12 December 1861]
(9) Cécile, 5 [baptized 4 June 1866]
(10) Vitál, 8 [likely baptized March 1868]
(11) Olivier, 10 months [baptized 5 June 1870]

1871 Canadian Census

In 1871, a Cyrille and Pierre Roy of the right age to be Joseph’s sons from the 1861 census, are residing together in Saint Marie with Agnes Roy [of the correct age to be the daughter living with Frank Roy in 1861, and potential sister of Joseph].

(1) Cyrille [Ceril ?], age 23, son [likely Joseph’s son from his first marriage to Henriette Legere]
Agnes [Onyez ?], age 47,  [likely Joseph’s sister]
(2) Pierre [Peter ?], age 12, son [likely Joseph’s son from his first marriage to Henriette Legere]

1871 census 2

(4) Hyppolyte/Hippolite, according to his marriage record, was adopted by Eustache Poirier after his mother’s death.  In 1871, he was enumerated in the parish of Dundas, Grande-Digue as Hippolite Poirier with his adoptive parents.  Grande-Digue is located on Shediac Bay, 2.4 miles North Northeast of Shediac Bridge, Dundas Parish, Kent County. In 1871 Grande-Digue had a population of 400: in 1898 Grande-Digue was a farming and fishing settlement with 1 post office, 2 stores, 1 hotel, 1 church and a population of 300 (http://archives.gnb.ca/Exhibits/Communities/Details.aspx?culture=en-CA&community=1539).

Hippolyte 1871

(3) Libie/Lébée/Lybie is not found in any census.

(**) A widowed Frances Roi, of the correct age to be Joseph’s father was found in Wellington residing with the family of Joseph & Mary Ferware (enumerated as Jerway in 1861 an two census pages away from the Roy’s in Wellington), perhaps Fougere?  It seems likely that this the correct entry, but can’t be sure.

1871 Joseph

1881 Canadian Census

In 1881 the family continues to reside in the parish of Sainte-Marie (with one additional child):

Joseph, 52, cultivateur (farmer)
Angelique, 51
(8) Silvin [Sylvain], 19
(7) Aurietta [Henriette], 20
(9) Cecille [Cécile], 15
(10) Vitál, 13
(11) Olivier, 11
(12) Jude, 7 [baptized 24 June 1873]

(5) Docitée, 23 was listed as a widower and enumerated separately [the day after the remainder of the family was recorded, see margin notes], he may have resided  in the same home or next door.

1881 census

(1) Cyrille, his wife Genevieve, six children and Aunt Agnes Roy live nearby in Sainte-Marie.

cyrille 1881

(2) Pierre, his wife Madeline, and four children live in Sainte-Marie, two families away from Cyrille.

pierre 1881

(6) Sigefroi, 21, is married and living nearby, in Sainte-Marie, with his wife (name unreadable, likely Judeste), 22 and daughter [E]ugenie, 1

1881 census

(4) Hyppolyte/Hippolite resides in Moncton with his wife Marie Rose and two children; he is a farmer.  They are residing next door or possibly in the same home as Hyppolyte’s adoptive parents.

1881 hyppolite

 1891 Canadian Census

In 1891 some of the family continues to reside in the parish of Sainte-Marie:

Joseph, 61, alt
Angelique, 60
(11) Olivier, 20
(12) Jude, 16

Next door [or possibly on the same farm] is their son (6) Sylvain, 29, his wife Marie and their 5 children.

census 1891

(1) Cyrille, his wife Genevieve, ten children and Aunt Agnes Roy live nearby in Sainte-Marie.

cyrille census

(2) Pierre, his wife Madeline and seven children  live nearby in Sainte-Marie.

Pierre 1891

(5) Docitée, his wife Victorie and their three children live nearby in Sainte-Marie.

dosc census 1891

(9) Cécile is next door (or perhaps on the same farm) as her brother Docitée with her husband Jean Collet/Collette and two children.

1891 collette

(7) Henrietta was in Wellington with her husband Domicien LeBlanc and three children.

Henrietta 1891

(6) Sigefroi was living with his wife Adele and five children in Grande-Digue, Dundas Parish.

sig 1901

(4) Hippolite and (10) Vitál were not definitively identified in the 1891 census.

1901 Canadian Census (this census includes birth day, month and year)

In 1901 some of the family continues to reside in the parish of Sainte-Marie:

Joseph, 71, cultivator
Angelique, 69
(12) Jude, 27

Next door [or possibly on the same farm] is the family of their son (11) Olivier, 30, his wife Celeste and their five children.

1901 Joseph

(1) Cyrille, his second wife Barbe and ten children live nearby in Sainte-Marie; two teenagers named Octavia & Henriette LeBlanc reside with him, he names them as daughters [perhaps step-daughters ?].

cyrille 1901

Also in  Sainte-Marie is their son (8) Sylvain, 29 and his wife Marie and nine children.

1901 sylvain

(5) Docitée (enumerated as Doss King), his wife Victorie and their three children have relocated to Lancaster, Saint John, New Brunswick.

1901 Doss

(6) Sigefroi was living with his wife Adele and five children in Grande-Digue, Dundas Parish.

cyrille 1901

(9) Cécile was residing with her husband Jean/John D. Collet/Collette in Sainte-Marie with six children.

1901 Collette

(10) Vitál was residing nearby in the Parish of Wellington, with wife Margerite and four children.

vital 1901

(2) Pierre, (4) Hippolite  and (7) Henrietta were not definitively identified in the 1901 census.

1911 Canadian Census

Angelique, noted as a farmer’s wife, died on 13 March 1907 at age 77, the cause was “decline”, she had been ill “all winter”. She is likely buried in St Mary’s.

angeliques death


In 1911 a widowed Joseph, continues to reside in the parish of Sainte-Marie his son Docitée’s family and his widowed son Jude:

(5) Docitée, 53, cultivateur (farmer)
Victorie, 46
Pius, 24 [my g-grandfather]
Laura, 19 [my g-grandmother]
Joseph, 83, retired
(12) Jude, 47

1911 census Joseph

(1) Cyrille was also enumerated in St Mary’s with his second wife and several children.

Cyrille 1911

(2) Pierre resided in Dundas with his wife Madeline and two children.

Pierre 1911

(6) Sigefroi resided in Dundas with his wife and several children.

sigfroid 1911r

(8) Sylvain was enumerated in Moncton under the surname King at 7 Harper’s with his wife Marie, four children and three young boarders all using the surname King (likely relatives). Interestingly, his wife is listed as head of household and he is enumerated as “husband”.  The only death certificate located for a Sylvain Roy of the right age, gives his death as 1910 at St. Mary’s; he may be deceased but was somehow mistakenly enumerated, which would explain why his wife is listed as head of household.

Sylvian 1911

(11) Olivier was still in Ste Marie with his wife Celeste and eleven children. He was a farmer.

1911 oliver

(7) Hennrietta, (9) Cécile & (10) Vital were not definitively identified in the 1911 census. (4) Hippolite died 18 Jun 1911 in Grande-Digue; his family has not been located in the 1911 census.

1921 Canadian Census

Joseph died suddenly on 26 May 1913  of “old age” and is likely buried in St Mary’s; he was 84 and a retired farmer.

jos death 2

Joseph death

(1) Cyrille, again widowed, was enumerated in St Mary’s, his son Edouard’s family was residing in the same home. His son Fidele was close by or perhaps on the same farm.

Cyrille 1921

(5) Dosithee/Docite was not identified in the 1921 census likely because there were large portions of the Moncton census, where the enumerator did not capture resident names (he just wrote “Westmoreland” next to each).  He was likely at 70 Pearl St., Moncton, the address that he, his wife and son Edmond all list as their home address when they immigrated to the United States the following year.

(6) Sigefroi resided in Dundas with his wife and son Honore. Another son, Adolphe, resided nearby (possibly in the same home).

sigfroid 1911

(11) Olivier was found in Ste Marie with his wife Celeste and 7 children.

Olivier 1921 census

(2) Pierre and (4) Hippolite were deceased by 1921; (8) Sylvain may have also been deceasedtheir wives were not found in the 1921 census.

(7) Hennrietta, (9) Cécile, (10) Vital and (12) Jude  were not definitively identified in the 1921 census. Some of them may have been in Moncton (Sylvain was there in 1911), there were large portions of the Moncton census, where the enumerator did not capture resident names (he just wrote “Westmoreland” next to each entry). It is also possible that some of them were residing in Massachusetts.

Other Details on the Children’s Lives 

This section incomplete and likely has errors – seeking cousins to provide more details and corrections! – I have included a few supporting documents as thumbnails, “click” to see a larger version and have primarily used Ancestry.com, Archives.gnb.ca/ PANB), FamilySearch.org and as mentioned earlier, the work of Stephen White and Lucie LeBlanc Consentino.

(1) Cyrille, baptized  20 November 1847, became a farmer. Based on family birth/marriage/death records and census data from 1861 to 1921, it seems he resided his entire life in Ste Marie/St Mary’s. He married Genevieve Bastarache, at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel on 5 Nov 1872.  He had thirteen known children, two of whom died within days of each other in Oct 1881 and another infant who died the same day as his wife.

Children with Genevieve included:

(a) Calixte baptized 13 Sept 1873, Ste Marie (Drouin Collection); m. Marie LeBlanc, daughter of Urbain Leblanc and Barbe Richard (NOT his step-mother), 10 Jan 1898; employed as a farmer; d. 16 Apr 1932, Ste Marie, age 58 of cancer (1881 & 1891 census, death on PANB);
(b) Marie Adeline baptized 1875 (date unreadable), Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1881 & 1891 & 1901 census); m. abt. 1909 Jos Collett, son of Daniel (Drouin Collection).
(c) Melas(i)  baptized Mont-Carmel 1876 (Drouin Collection & 1881 & 1891 & 1901 census); m. Henrietta LeBlanc (death cert.); d. 1 Aug 1945, St. Cyrille, of heart complications age 69, 4 months (PANB);
(d) Fidele b. 4 Feb 1878, St. Mary (death cert., 1881 & 1891 & 1901 & 1911 census); m. first Octavia LeBlanc, daughter of Urbain LeBlanc and Barbe Richard (NOT his step-mother), 3 Nov 1902, Mont Carmel (PANB marriage); she died in 1948; m. second Arthemise LeBlanc, also a widower, daughter of Marc Leblanc and Osite Goguen, 11 Jun 1950, Dundas Parish (death cert. & PANB marriage); Fidele d. 27 May 1956, St Cyrille of pneumonia/hemiplegia (paralysis of the arm, leg, and trunk on the same side of the body) age 78, 2 months, 23 days (PANB) he is buried at Ste Marie with his first wife, Octavia  (http://www.acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/);

(e) Celestin baptized 5 July 1879, Mont-Carmel (birth from Drouin Collection, included in the 1881 census); buried 4 Oct 1881, Ste Marie (Drouin Collection);
(f) Marie Anne baptized 20 Sept 1880, Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection & 1881 census); buried 10 Oct 1881, Ste Marie (Drouin collection);
(g) Marie b. abt 1882 (1891 census, age 8);
(h) Donat baptized 5 Oct 1883, Mont-Carmel (birth from Drouin Collection, 1891 & 1901 & 1911 census), m. Marie Alice Collet/Collette, daughter of Domin Collette and Helene Bourque, 19 Aug 1912 at St Mary’s, he was a 29 year old farmer (PANB marriage); buried St. Marie 1965 with his wife Alice b. 1893 d. 1977 (http://acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/).

(i) Alphee/Alphie b. 21 April 1885, Ste Marie (1918 WWI attestation papers); baptized 2 May 1885, Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1891 & 1901 & 1911 census); in 1918 he was residing in Bangor, Maine and is single. Occupation is Woodman (1918 WWI attestation papers);
(j) Elizabeth b. 1887 St. Mary’s (1891 & 1901 census); m. Maxime LeBlanc son of Germaine LeBlanc and Delphine abt 1908.
(k) Madeline b. 3 June 1888, St. Mary’s (PANB birth & 1891 & 1901 & 1911 census);
(l) Edouard  b. 15 Oct 1889, St. Mary’s (PANB birth & 1891 & 1901 & 1911 & 1921 census); m. Mathilda LeBlanc daughter of Camille LeBlanc and Marie Belliveau on 30 Aug 1915 in Bouctouche (PANB).
(m) Antoine buried 27 Apr 1892, he was baptized 28 April 1892 in Mont-Carmel.  The death record, in French, seems to indicate that he was age 4 months.

Genevieve was buried 27 Apr 1892, age 41; the same day as her infant son (possibly from complications related to childbirth).  Cyrille at age 52, married second Barbe Richard, also a widow, daughter of Joseph Richard and Josephine Cormier, on 5 Nov 1894, at Ste Marie. They had no known children together. She died of heart disease on 7 Oct 1915 at age 69 (PANB) and is buried at Ste Marie (http://acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/).

gen bass

Cyrille may have died on 8 February 1927.  A gravestone with that date, in Ste Marie lists his correct age of about 79  (http://acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/).  The death certificate names a different mother (Victorie Richard) and an age of 84. Perhaps the informant, his son Calixte, made a mistake. His burial record has not been located in the Drouin Collection. There was a second Cyrille Roy born in the same place in the same time frame, son of Joseph Roy and Pelagie LeBlanc, who married Agnes Nowlan, and died in 1884 (Drouin Collection), so the gravestone/death certificate  is likely not his.

Cyrille marriagesdeath genevivecyrille death 1927cyrille death 1927

(2) Pierre, baptized 30 November 1849 in Bouctouche, resided in Ste. Marie through at least 1891 (based on census data). He was not found in the 1901 census.  By 1911 he and his family had moved to Dundas parish (Cocagne).

It is likely that he married Madeline Bastarache on 29 May 1873 at Ste Marie de Mont Carmel after being granted dispensation for the 3rd degree of consanguinity.  The parents are not named on the marriage record, however they did have a son name Joseph Francois Roy and other children with similar Roy family, given names.  This particular Pierre was enumerated two families after Cyrille Roy, in the 1881 census. This Pierre’s death certificate in Cocagne, lists a Bouctouche birth, the same location where our Pierre, of the same age, was baptized.

Known children number twelve or thirteen:
(a) Maxime, b. 28 Oct 1874, Buctouche or Ste Marie (marriage & death cert., 1881, 1891 census); m. Emilienn Daigle, a widow, daughter of Camille Daigle and the late Marie Bastarache, on 21 Nov 1910 in the Parish of Dundas/Cocagne; Maxime in 1910 is a laborer of New Bedford, Massachusetts (PANB); d. 8 Mar 1856 in Cocagne of coronary artery disease, age 82, 4 months (PANB).
(b) Suzanne, b. 1877  (1881, 1891 census, PANB marriage) m. 19 Nov 1912 Clovis Leger of Grande-Digue, son of  Aman Leger and Suzanne Cormier, she was of Cocagne;
(c) Hippolyte, baptized 10 April 1878, in Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1881 census); d. 24 May 1882 in Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection).
(d) Joseph Francois, b. 30 Mar 1880, Ste Marie (1881, 1891 census); m. Arthemise Leblanc (PANB death cert.);  d. 26 Feb 1949 in Cocagne (PANB)
(e) Guillerme (Willie), b. 1882 Ste Marie (1891 census); m. first 9 Aug 1910, Ida Babineau, daughter of Urbain Babineau and Suzanne Despres in Grande-Digue (PANB); widowed; m. second Marguerite, daughter of Placide Landry and Julie Legere, 28 Nov 1931, residence Cocagne, he is a farmer (PANB).
(f) Amedee, b. 1884, Bouctouche (1891 census); m. 20 Sept 1909, Magdeline Martin, resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts, born at St. Mary’s; she was the daughter of Felicien Martin and Genevieve Allain.  He is a laborer residing in Cocagne (PANB).
(g) Irene (?), b. 1886 (1891 census, male);
(h) Marie Vitaline, baptized April 1887, Mont Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1891 census); d. 17 Oct 1903, 16 year old farmer’s daughter, Bouctouche, of consumption (Drouin Collection).
(i) Joseph Edmond b. 18 Oct 1889, St Marys (1891 census, PANB birth);
(j) Marie Elizabeth, b. 23 May 1891, St Marys (PANB birth);
(k) Marie Ann, b. 16 Dec 1892, St Marys (PANB birth);
(l) Joseph Alban, b. 1 May 1893, St Marys (1911 census, PANB birth);
(m) Alfred b. April 1898 (1911 census); [same child as #14? births are a month apart? or typo on birth year?]
(n) Joseph Francois, b. 16 Mar 1898, Buctouche (PANB birth)

Pierre died 9 Oct 1912 in Cocagne, after an illness of 15 days, of pneumonia. He was a 62 year old farmer. Madeline died 12 Oct 1924 in Cocagne, she was 70; her daughter Suzanne also of Cocagne, was the informant. Madeline’s death record indicates she was born to Thaddee Bastarache and Suzanne Cormier.

pierre marriagePierre death82483841-bfb0-432b-aa5c-519ea21d2d55

(4) Hyppolyte/Hippolite, baptized 9 Feb 1853, was not found with the Roy family in any census, his mother died when he was an infant, and he was adopted and raised by Eustache Poirier [see marriage record] and his wife Cecile Legere (daughter of Simon Legere and Marie-Rose Arsenault and his mother’s biological cousin).  He resided with them in 1871 in Grande-Digue and was enumerated as Hyppolyte Poirier. It is unknown whether he had a relationship with his biological family, nonetheless, with the exception of this census, all records seem to indicate that he used the Roy surname for his lifetime.

He married Marie Rose Richard Jun 1876, in Grande-Digue, daughter of Hubert Richard and Marie Poirer. By 1881 they were residing in Moncton and Hyppolyte was a farmer. The family was not found in 1891, 1901 or 1911 Canadian censuses but were likely residing in Grande-Digue based on the children’s baptism records.

Known children include:
(a) William (Willie)/Guillaume, baptized 6 June 1877, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection, 1881 census); m. Agnes Caissie, daughter of Theotime Caissie  and Marie Caissie on 19 Jun 1899, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection);
(b) Marie Elizabeth baptized 28 February 1881, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection, 1881 census); d. 1896, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection);
(c) Joseph Pierre, baptized 27 June 1883, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection);
(d) Joseph Henri, baptized 14 May 1885, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection); m. Demerise Bourque of Scoudouc; at the time of their marriage, he was a resident of Moncton working as a carpenter. About 1917, he relocated to Lynn, Massachusetts (according to his border crossing paperwork in 1922). In 1937 he resided in Lynn, Massachusetts (sister Leonie and Marguerite’s obituaries).
(e) Marie Philomene, baptized 27 July 1887, Grande-Digue (Drouin Collection);
(f) Marie Marguerite, b. 24 Nov 1891,  Grande-Digue (PANB); m. Henri Gallant in Grande-Digue son of Joseph and Julie (Drouin Collection); d. Jan 1937 in Grande-Digue (Evangeline obituary); her death causes a great void.

Marguerite roy death
(g) Marie Florine, b. 13 Feb 1898, Grande-Digue (PANB); he visited her brother Henri in the United States, 29 Dec 1922 (Manifest Cards of Alien Arrivals at Vanceboro, Maine). in 1937 resided in Newburyport, Massachusetts (sister Leonie and Marguerite’s obituaries).
(h) Marie Leonie, b. 12 Nov 1899,  Grande-Digue (PANB); m. Dominique Thibodeau, and resided in Rogerville, Northumberland, New Brunswick. She visited her brother Henri in the United States, 29 Dec 1922 (Manifest Cards of Alien Arrivals at Vanceboro, Maine). She died 4 Nov 1937 (Evangeline obituary), age 45, after a two month illness of Typhoid Fever, she never complained.  She was a good person, a friend to everyone who needed her.

Leonie death

Hyppolyte died 18 June 1911, at the age of 60 [he was actually 58?], in Grande-Digue of “brain trouble” and pneumonia after being sick for a week.

865dd4a0-9386-46d3-810e-5893a7c2ac01 (1)hypolete marriage

(5) Dosithee/Docite, baptized 30 July 1857 (my 2nd g-grandfather), became a farmer. He married first, on 2 Feb 1880, at Ste Marie de Mont Carmel, Genevieve Cormier daughter of the deceased Aimé Cormier and deceased Henriette Roy after being granted dispensation for the 4th degree of double consanguinity. She died six months later, at age 19, on 24 Aug 1880 and was buried 27 Aug at Ste Marie de Mont Carmel.

On 12 May 1885, he married second,  Victorie LeBlanc, at Ste Marie de Mont Carmel, daughter of George LeBlanc and Madeline LeBlanc.   Known children included:

(a) Pius/Paul Dost (my g-grandfather) b. 9 Jul 1886 Ste. Marie (US draft registration), m. 25 Dec 1910, Laura Marie Melanson, daughter of Magloire Melanson and Osite/Ausithe Dupuis in Gardner, Massachusetts (Massachusetts Vital Records);  Pius was in the US from 1904-1910; he and his wife moved back to New Brunswick until 1914 when they returned to Massachusetts permanently; in 1921 he was a chair maker later in life he became a welder/drill washer; he was known as “Pepe”, his granddaughter recalls that he did maple sugaring; he moved from Gardner to a farm in Athol about 1947; Another granddaughter recalls, “Pepe was an alcoholic who made his own home brew, and rarely was able to work.  Laura had a very sad life, she raised their children close to abject poverty. She basically ran the small family furniture business. Leo, her next to youngest child, had some type of head trauma. Laura cared for him until he died at age 18 (his death certificate has not yet been obtained from MA Vital records).

Pius died 9 Aug 1954 in Athol, Massachusetts; his granddaughter recalls “one night a cow got out and Pepe and my Dad spent a rainy night looking for it, Pepe, who continued to drink heavily became Sick and died shortly after”.

Laura relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1955 to live with her daughter Alida’s family; her other children didn’t seem to have much contact, nor did they assist financially. “Meme” (Laura) had no friends there, did not drive and became very isolated.  Her only outlets were church and a weekly bingo game. Her granddaughter recalls: “She was never a physically demonstrative person but showed her love by baking our favorite treats. I remember opening the door from school to the smell of warm pies and bread. She always made me a tiny pie all to myself.  She collapsed one day from abdominal pain. Dad and Mom rushed her to the hospital. She died a few hours later from abdominal cancer. The doctors said she must have been in awful pain but never let on. I still miss her.”

Laura died 3 November 1968.  She is buried with her husband at Gethsemane Cemetery in Athol. Their eight known children were – (1) Leo, (2) Yvonne Marie (my grandmother, who married Charles Billings of Lithuanian descent), (3) Joseph Magloire, (4) Melisse “Nelsey”, (5) Lena, (6) Edmund Sylvio, (7) Alfred and (8) Alida; Sadly, three of their children Alfred, Yvonne and Lena became alcoholics like Pepe.

Paul Pius Roy
(b) Marie Albina b. 10 July 1888, St. Mary’s; d. 13 April 1899, St. Mary’s, of consumption, age 10, she was ill for 18 months (PANB & listed 1891 census);
(c) Mathilda b. 3 Aug 1890, St. Mary’s (1891 & 1901 census);  m. Cyrille Allain, son of Melen Allain and Marie Blanche LeBlanc, on 7 Jun 1910 in Gardner, Massachusetts, she was a “shop girl” he was a carpenter; they returned to St Mary at least from 1911 to 1913 (3 children born), then according to boarder crossing paperwork, resided in the US from 1917 to at least 1921 (they were not found in the 1920 census or US city directories); at some point they returned to Canada as Mathilda was living in St Antoine, Canada in 1954 (brother Pius’ obituary), Cyrille, a farmer, died 5 Jun 1956, age 76,  from cancer of the pancreas; she died 1972 and is buried in Kent County, St-Antoine  New Cemetery; known children include –  (i) Joseph Benoni b. 17 Mar 1911, St Mary’s; (ii) Marie Elise b. 29 Feb 1912, St Mary’s; (iii) Marie Albina b. 19 May 1913, St Mary’s

mathilda grave
(d) Marie Emma b. 25 Dec 1892, St Mary’s (1901 census);
(e) Aurelie b. 27 Jul 1896, St Mary’s (PANB birth, not with the family in the 1901 census, likely died young);
(f) Diendonné/Joseph Hector b. 3 Sep 1898, St Mary’s; d. as infant 20 Apr 1899, of Grippe, at St Mary’s (PANB);
(g) Edmond Doss b. 20 Aug 1902, St Mary’s; 1954 was living Moncton (1911 census & brother Pius’ obituary) and in Feb 1967 he filed for a delayed birth certificate for himself in Moncton;
(h) Joseph Diendonné b. 17 May 1906, St Mary’s (not included in the 1911 census); likely died 2 Sep 1909, St Mary’s, of Measles, he was sick for 2 months (PANB)

Dosithee/Docite continued working as a farmer, until sometime prior to 1901 when he took a job as a Millman in Lancaster, St. John, New Brunswick (where they seem to use the surname King). In 1901 he was employed at the factory for five months and reported an income of $50. In 1902, Edmond Doss’s birth record (created in 1967) claims he was born in Randolph (a neighborhood in the West Side o Lancaster which in 1967 became known as St John West) his father was a mill ride.

At some point, before 1922, the family relocated to Moncton.

Dosithee/Docite, at age 63 was described as 5’7″, 135 pounds and having a fair complexion, gray hair and blue eyes and could not read or write , when he immigrated “permanently” to Gardner, Massachusetts from Moncton in May 1923. Family members who previously immigrated to Gardner included his wife Victorie (admitted 9 Dec 1922; described as 5’6″, medium complexion, brown hair and eyes; her visit to Gardner was to be less than six months; her address was 70 Pearl St., Moncton) , son Pius/Paul (in the US from 1904-1910; 1915 to 21 May 1921 and returning 23 May 1921 to 244 Parker St. Gardner – he was 5’5″ with a dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes) and son Edmond (admitted 18 July 1922; with an address of 70 Pearl St. Moncton; contact brother Paul, 244 Parker St, Gardner, MA and planning a visit for less than six months, described as 5’5″, light complexion, brown hair green eyes).  It was Dosithee/Docite’s first visit to the United States.

Dosithee/Docite and Victoria are listed in the 1924 Gardner city directory (he is a clerk).  Many other Roy’s are listed nearby, including sons Pius and Edmond. He was not found in other online city directories, including the 1926 Gardner directory.

1924 city directories

Dosithee/Docite and Victorie ultimately returned to New Brunswick where they died and are buried. On 16 Nov 1932, his death at age 75 of lobar pneumonia, with a contributing factor of old age, is recorded at Ste Marie.  Her death of “old age” was reported  at Ste Marie on 25 Sept 1934. She was 70.

Docite marriage 1st death genevieveDocite marriage

doss to USdoss deathvictorie death

(6) Sigefroi (Sigefroie/Sigefroy), baptized 12 November 1858,  became a farmer. He first married Judule Landry, 26 Nov 1877, at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel after being granted dispensation for the 4th degree of consanguinity. Neither set of parents are named, however Sigefroi’s brother Docite Roy was a witness. She was likely the daughter of Maxime Landry and Suzanne Roy/Roi (she is listed as their daughter in the 1871 census, she was age 16; they were also named as parents of her then 18 year old brother David, in his baptism record, in the Drouin Collection).

They had at least two children:
(a) Eugenie baptized 2 Aug 1880 in Mont-Carmel (1881 census, Drouin Collection), likely died young, since Sigefroi had a second child who was given the same name in 1889;
(b) Donat born 3 May 1881 (death cert.) and baptized 27 July 1881,  in Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1891, 1901, 1911 census); m. when he was 37 year old bachelor, Lucille Robichaud, daughter of Placide Robichaud and Brigitte Guimont, 4 Mar 1919 in Pointe-Sapin  (PANB); d. 13 May 1947, age 66, 1 month in Pointe-Sapin; his son Alfred was the informant (PANB).

Sigefroi was not described as a widow when he married his second wife and no death record was located for Judule. Her whereabouts are unknown but she likely died as Donat appeared to reside with his father.

He married second, on 5 Jun 1887, Marie LeBlanc daughter of Laurent LeBlanc and Marie Legere at Memramcook, Parish of St. Thomas. In 1891 he was a farmer residing in  Grande-Digue, parish of Dundas, Kent, New Brunswick.  There was an 83 year old Thadee LeBlanc residing with the family, perhaps a relation to his wife. They spent a few years in Taunton, Massachusetts where Sigefroi was employed as an Operative (at least 1895-97 when two children were born).

Some of  their children are known.
(c) Adolphe b. 1888 (1891, 1901 census, lives next door to his parents in Grande-Digue, in 1911); married Marie ___  (1911 census)
(d) Marie Eugenie b. 1889 (1891, 1901 census); m. David Bourque and resided in Gardner, Massachusetts in 1920 near her uncle Docitée Roy;
(e) Joseph Alfred b. 1892;
(f) Honore b. 1893 in Grande-Digue (1901, 1911, 1921 census); he visited his sister Mrs. David Borque at 147 Mechanic St., Gardner, Massachusetts in Nov 1920, he planned to stay less than 6 months (he had returned to Canada by the time the Jun 1921 census was taken). He had $100 and declared himself as single, age 27, working as a farm laborer. He had visited Gardner previously in 1915/6.  On arrival in 1920 he was diagnosed with “Angioma of the Scalp” ( little, bright red, pinpoint to match head sized, flat spots that over time, become raised, more dome shaped and actually begin to look like a cherry. They are benign).
(g) Marie Sarah Elmire b. 14 Apr 1895, Taunton, Massachusetts (Massachusetts vital records);
(h) Edmond b. 13 Feb 1896, Taunton, Massachusetts (Massachusetts vital records, 1901, 1911 census). His Canadian WWI draft recruitment papers, dated 1918, describe him as age 22,  5’4″, medium complexion, brown eyes and hair. He is a single farmer residing in Grand-Digue.

After Marie died (before 1901), he resided in Grande-Digue, with his third wife Adele Cormier of Cocagne (parents and marriage year unknown; he was noted a widower). They had no known children.

He became a Day Carpenter. He died at the age of 68 on 15 Feb 1926. Cause of death “me syncope mort inhibite pas de medium”, syncope is defined as the brief loss of consciousness caused by a temporary decrease in blood flow to the brain. He is buried at Grande-Digue Notre-Dame de la Visitation. His wife, Adele died in Shediac, 20 February 1930 at age 74.

sig marriage 1sigs marriagehonore marriagemarriage one sigfroi

b9ce5fa1-1630-4a5e-9bda-849f29c885f9sig death14ae1159-ca16-48ec-b515-f7abb703be40DSC06737

(7) Henriette, baptized 2 December 1860, married Domicien LeBlanc (the widower of Genevieve Cormier and son of Jean LeBlanc and Madeline Brault of Cocagne St-Pierre) on 9 Aug 1886 in Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel.  Her known children are:
(a) Rose-Anne, b. about 1887 (1891 census); m. 5 April 1919, Philippe Cormier, son of Louis Corier and Elizabeth Cormier, giving her residence as Cocagne and names Henriette and Domicien as parents.
(b) Sara b. 27 Oct 1888, St Mary’s (PANB);
(c) Vital b. 26 Aug 1890, Bouctouche (PANB);  m. 19 Feb 1917 Marie Anne Bastarache, daughter of Dominique Bastarache and Dina LeBlanc, Moncton (http://www.acadian-roots.com/ – microfilm #1900-1 at the CEA genealogy center);
(d) Maria Elisa b. 15 Jan 1892 (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XTSV-KXK); likely married in Mont-Carmel, 5 Feb 1912, Alyre Bastarache, son of Dominique Bastarache and Dina LeBlanc (PANB); by 1932 they were residing in Moncton (her mother’s death cert).

The family was not found in the 1901, 1911 or 1921 Canadian censuses so there were likely additional children.

Henriette died at the age of 72 on 22 January 1932, cause of death was probably apoplexy (unconsciousness or incapacity resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage or stroke). She was a retired housewife and had been residing at 33 Harper’s Lane in Moncton, Canada for four months (the same address as her son-in-law Alyre Bastarache) and claims that she lived in New Brunswick her entire life.  She was buried in Moncton at the Shediac Road. Her husband’s death record has not been located.

henrietta marriageHenriette deathRoseanne marriage

(8) Sylvain, baptized 12 December 1861, married Marie Maillet, daughter of Calixte Maillet and Suzanne Richard at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel on 10 April 1881.

They had 13 known children (including a set of triplets!):
(a) Addelle b. 1883 (1891, 1901 census);
(b) Henriette b, 1884 Mont Carmel (1891, 1901 census, marriage record gives birth location); m. 9 Jan 1911, Levi Robichaud son of the late Aime Robichaud and Onsite Cormier, both were of St. Anthony (PANB); in 1911 the are residing in St Antoine, Kent, New Brunswick (1911 census).
(c) Zèlie b. 1886 (1891, 1901 census); likely died at age 19 of fever, 1906 in Moncton (PANB);
(d) Jean b. 26 Mar 1888, St Mary’s (PANB birth, 1891, 1901 census);
(e) Marie Azelda b. 15 Dec 1889, St. Mary’s (PANB birth, 1891, 1901 census);
(f) Susan b. 18 May 1891, St Mary’s (PANB birth);
(g,h,i) triplets – J, MC & M b. 22 May 1892, St Mary’s  (PANB); likely died as they are not included in any census;
(j) Madélaine b. 26 July 1893, St Mary’s (PANB birth, 1901 & 1911 census); m. 9 Nov 1914 Jean Alfred, son of Hubert Richard & Delphine Richard (http://www.acadian-roots.com/marriages-catherale.html);
(k) Alpheé b. 20 Mar 1895, St Mary’s (PANB birth, 1901 & 1911 census), m. Yvonne, daughter of Urbain Babineau and Euphemie Goguen 26 April 1919 in Moncton (PANB);
(l) Calixte b. 7 Dec 1896 (or 7 Sep 1896), St Mary’s (PANB birth, 1901 & 1911 census); m. 7 July 1914, Rosalie Cormier, daughter of Auguste Cormier and Julie LeBlanc in Moncton (PANB); Rosalie died 14 Dec 1915, in Bouctouche at age 23, of Meningitis after being sick for 13 days (PANB); Calixte, a soldier, married second, in 1917, Herminie “Minnie” Leblanc, daughter of Felicien LeBlanc and Matilde Leger (Drouin Collection); Calixte and Minnie likely immigrated to the United States through Vanceboro, Maine, on 7 Sept 1917 (certificate of lawful entry, Ancestry.com); in 1930 Calixte and Minnie were residing on Parker street in Gardner, Massachusetts with a niece, by 1940 he was still in Gardner but listed as widow (1930/40 census), her death record has not been located; in 1941, he married third Elizabeth Ann Leblanc, parents unknown, in Gardner, Massachusetts (Ancestry.com, Massachusetts marriage index vol 59, pg 152); in 1942 he resided at 188 Parker Street, Gardner with Elizabeth and worked for Heywood Wakefield (1942 WWII draft, Ancestry.com);  in 1942 he was described as 5’6″, having blue eyes, brown hair and was partially bald with a scar on his left arm; (certificate of lawful entry Ancestry.com); d. 1967, and is buried in Bouchtouche, St-Jean Baptiste, with his wife Elizabette Anne b. 1895 – d. 1973 (gravestone photo below).
(m) Guillaume/William b.1901 (1901 & 1911 census).

There was a Sylvain Roy, a farmer, died 27 Aug 1910, at St Mary’s from cancer after an 18 month illness; he was 49 (PANB).

By 1911, Sylvain’s wife and the four youngest children had relocated to Moncton and were enumerated under the surname King. Marie is listed as head of household and Sylvain is listed as “husband”.  It is unclear if the Sylvain that died at St. Mary’s was the same person.

The family was not found in the 1921 Canadian Census.  No death record has been located for Marie Maillet.

sylvain marriagecalixte burial

(9) Cécile, baptized 4 June 1866, married on 24 April 1885 Jean/John Collet (Collette), son of Daniel Collet and the deceased Gertrude Allain at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel after being granted dispensation for the 4th degree of consanguinity.

She had eleven known children:
(a) Calixte b. 1886 (1891 & 1901 census);
(b) Adolphe 7 April 1888, St. Mary’s (PANB); may have died young as another child was given this name in 1896 and he is not listed in any census;
(c) Angeline b. 8 April 1889 , St. Mary’s (PANB, 1891 & 1901 census);
(d) Marie Elda b. 22 Mar 1891, St. Mary’s (PANB); may have died young, not included in the 1901 census with the family;
(e) Joseph Delphis b. 18 June 1894, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 census); in 1916, at age 21, he was residing in Moncton, working as a clerk (Canadian WWI attestation papers) ; on 27 April 1920, he departed St John, for a visit to the United States;  point of contact was his sister Mrs. M. LeBlanc of 192 Collette St., New Bedford, Massachusetts; his immigration paperwork claimed he would be in the country less than six months; it stated that he enlisted in the military 9 Feb 1916 in Moncton and was discharged 10 Mar 1919, he was single working as a store clerk; in 1921 he married Marv Alma Houde in Gardner, Massachusetts (Massachusetts Marriage Index, vol 20, pg 475); in 1930 & 1940, he was enumerated in Gardner with his wife Alma and children; by 1942 he resided at 137 Connors, Gardner, with his wife Alma and was employed by Heywood Wakefield furniture, Gardner; he was 5’9″, 148 pounds, with blue eyes, brown hair and dark complexion (WWII draft registration); he died in 1949 in Gardner (Massachusetts Death Index, vol 46, pg 231);
(f) Joseph Adolphe b. 1 July 1896, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 census); m. 19 Sep 1935, Florence Surette, daughter of Frank Surette and Georgina Donelle, he was a Marchand (Merchant/Dealer/Seller) residing in Bouctouche (PANB); d. 1979 and is buried at Chartersville; the grave inscription reads: “COLLETTE Adolphe 1896-1979 wife Florence Surette 1913-1973 son Leo Paul 1935-2003” (http://www.acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/);

(g) Daniel b. 14 Dec 1898, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 census); m. 30 Sept 1919, Marie Emma Goguen, daughter of Levi Goguen and Veronique Arsenault, on the date of the marriage, Daniel was a day laborer residing in Bouctouche (PANB); “Emma Goguen was the daughter of Levi Goguen and Veronique Arsenault. She passed away November 3 1999 at the age of 99 (ninety nine) at the Saint Jean Baptiste home in Bouctouche. She married twice first to Daniel Collette and second to Emile Babineau. She leaves to mourn her six daughters; Louise Fournell of Quebec, Aldea Adames and Marie Busse of Moncon, Hermilie Brune, Fernande Couture and Cecile Francis of Bouctouche, one son John of Bouctouche along with 33 grandchildren, 45 great grandchildren, and five great great grandchildren. She was predeceased by five sons, Gerald, Aime, Donald and two infants. Also predeceased by three brothers Clifford, Edmond and Fidele. Funeral held in St Jean Baptiste Catholic Church in Bouctouche, interment in the parish cemetery”.(Acadie Nouvelle November 1999);
(h) Pius b. 1901 (visited and may have resided in Gardner for a time); m. 26 July 1928, Marie Scolastie Roy daughter of John Roy and Agelie LeBlanc, at the time of the marriage he was a commerçante (retailer/businessman) living in Bouctouche (PANB);
(i) Marie Azilda b. 3 Sept 1903, Mount Carmel (PANB); likely married Leo Arthur Bergeron in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1926 (Massachusetts Marriage Index, Vol 37, Page 188); resided in Gardner 1930; d. 23 Sep 1970, New Bedford (SSDI & Massachusetts Death Index);
(j) Maria Regina b. 11 Feb 1906, Bouctouche (PANB); m. Odilon Cormier son of Melase Cormier and Euphremie LeBlanc, 21 May 1925; the marriage was registered at Wellington and both parties were residents of Bouctouche (PANB); d. May 1971 and is buried at Bouctouche, St Jean Baptiste (http://www.acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/);

(k) Exilda b. 1 Oct 1907, Bouctouche (PANB);

Cécile and her family were not located in the 1911 or 1921 Canadian census.

Cécile and her husband are buried at the Saint Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Cemetery in Bouctouche. The inscription on their stone reads: COLLETTE John D 1863-1944 h/o Cecile Roy 1864-1941.

marriage collettececile death

(10) Vital, born 12 March 1868 [1901 census] and baptized 30 March 1868, became a House Carpenter.  He was between 5’5″ – 5’8″ , med/dark complexion, dark brown hair, green/brown eyes and weighed about 150 pounds.  He married first Henriette LeBlanc 22 April 1887 at Ste Marie, daughter of Georges LeBlanc and Madeline LeBlanc.  They had one known child:

(a) Georges, b. 13 Mar 1889, St. Mary’s (PANB birth); d. 1892, age 3, buried 6 June in Ste Marie de Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection death).

Henriette died 29 Jan 1890 and is buried at Ste Marie de Mont-Carmel (PANB, http://www.acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/).


He married second on 25 April 1892, at St Thomas, Memramcook, Marguerite LeBlanc, daughter of Maxime and Marguerite LeBlanc, and had at least 11 children, all of whom were named on Marguerite’s tombstone (see photo – reads Mere de Joseph, Samuel, Maxime, Leon, Antoine, Pierre, Marie-Jeanne, Vital, Marie, Alyre, Anne):

(b) Joseph Pierre, b. 6 July 1893, Taunton, Massachusetts (MA vital records, 1901 census);
(c) Joseph Phelomene (Samuel) b. 13 May 1895, St Mary’s (PANB birth, relocated to Massachusetts using the name Samuel);
(d) Pierre (Maxime) b. 29 June 1897, St Mary’s (PANB birth as Pierre, 1901 census and mother’s tombstone as Maxime);
(e) Joseph Leon b. 01 Jan 1900, St Mary’s;  baptized 01 Jan 1900, Ste Marie de Mont-Carmel (Drouin Collection, 1901 census); m. 7 July 1919, Elise Lavoie, age 24  born/residing in Rogersville, daughter of John Lamie and Celina Richard; Leon was living in Monton and working as a laborer (Drouin Collection). In 1921 they resided at 100 Lewis St, Moncton (1921 census);  They likely relocated to New Bedford, Massachusetts before Sep 1926, where their son was born, and then returned to Canada abt June 1927 (son Melvin’s 1947 border crossing paperwork and as detailed in his obituary – http://www.federationgenealogie.qc.ca/):

WRENTHAM — Melvin Thomas Roy, 78, of State Street, Plainville,
died Saturday, April 30, 2005, at the Maples Rehabilitation and Nursing
Center. He was the husband of Audrey M. (Cross) Roy. They were
married 48 years. Born in New Bedford on Sept. 26, 1926, he was the
son of the late Leon and Elise (Lavoie) Roy. After his birth, his family
moved to their native land of Canada where he was raised and educated.
A veteran of the Canadian armed forces, he served in the U.S. Army
upon returning to the United States. He was a cutter and engraver for
Creed Rosary for 32 years until retiring. He then was an attendant at the
Highlander Laundry on Elm Street in North Attleboro for two years.
Mr. Roy was a longtime communicant of St. Martha’s Church in
Plainville, where he was also a member of the church bowling league
for many years. He was a volunteer coach for the PAL Little League.
He enjoyed traveling, day trips, country music, Christmas, playing
cards, cook-outs and watching sports on television. He especially
enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren. Survivors include his
widow; three sons, Michael R. Roy of California, Gary T. Roy and John
L. Roy, both of Plainville; two daughters, Catherine J. Buckman of
North Attleboro, Linda M. Borges of Mansfield; 14 grandchildren; a
great-grandchild; and several nieces and nephews. He was the brother
of the late Leonard and Jean Roy. 
Leon died 1 April 1936, age 36 by poisoning in Allison, four miles from Moncton (PANB); In 1947, Elise was residing in Dieppe, New Brunswick (son Melvin’s 1947 border crossing paperwork).
(f) Joseph Antoine b. 23 June 1900, Bouctouche (birth index Family Search; relocated permanently to Salem, Massachusetts in 1922, occupation blacksmith; names father Vitale and birthplace Bouctouche, age 20 whch puts his birth at 1902?);
(g) Marie-Jeanne b. abt 1902, Bouctouche;  d. 1 Dec 1915, Bouctouche (PANB death, accidental discharge of a gun & http://www.acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/);

jean marie
(h) Joseph Pierre b. 25 May 1905, Bouctouche (PANB birth, m. 1919 Alveda Gaudet);
(i) Joseph Vital, b. 12 Mar 1908, Bouctouche (PANB birth);
(j) Marguerite Marie, b. 12 Sept 1909, Bouctouche (PANB birth);
(k) Alyre Euloge, b. 11 March 1912, Bouctouche (PANB birth);
(l) Anne Marie Ida, b. 15 July 1915, Bouctouche (PANB birth).

Vital likely resided in St Mary’s and Bouctouche most of his life as ten of his children were born there between 1895 and 1915, but likely Vital and his family spent time living/visiting Taunton,  Salem and New Bedford, Massachusetts. He and his family were not located in the 1891, 1911 & 1921 Canadian censuses nor was he located in any US Federal censuses.

Their first son Joseph Pierre was born in Taunton in July 1893, Vital was employed as an operative.   By 1895, he had returned to St Mary’s, New Brunswick where their second son was born.

Vital claimed that he had resided in Salem from Apr 1915 to May 1917 when he visited his son Samuel in the US, Nov 1920 (his daughter Marie-Jeanne, age 13,  died in Bouctouche on 1 Dec 1915 from the accidental discharge of a gun. Vital reported the death so perhaps the dates of his stay in the US are a bit off.).  Vital’s wife and children (Maxime, Pierre,Vital, Marie, Alyre and Ida) returned from the United States to Canada, arriving at McAdam Junction, New Brunswick, on 30 Aug 1917. The length of their stay is unknown.

Vital was living at 516 North Front Street, New Bedford, Massachusetts when, on 8 Nov 1923, his wife Marguerite and children Pierre, Vital, Marie, Alyre and Ida/Anne again arrived in the United States, and declared they were staying permanently.  Vital must have returned to Canada after his Nov 1920 visit, as his wife’s arrival paperwork claims her husband had arrived 11 Oct 1922.

Son Samuel was residing in Salem according to Vital’s arrival paperwork filed in Vanceboro, Maine, dated 4 May 1916 and Samuel’s 1917 draft registration card.  By Nov 1920, Samuel was in New Bedford (Vital’s November arrival). Son Antoine relocated permanently to Salem on 7 Feb 1922 through St. John’s.  He claimed to have been in the United States from Jan 1917 to 7 July 1920. Son Leon arrived in the US on 30 July 1923 with his wife Elise; he claims it to be his first visit.  He had been residing at 196 Union in Moncton and was planning a visit of less than six months to his father’s home 125 Bates Ave., New Bedford.

Vital is found in the 1925 (92 Belleville Rd) and 1928 (194 Nash Rd) New Bedford city directories.

It seems some of the family returned to Canada by 1935 (Vital is included in Kent, New Brunswick voter lists), and his death certificate indicates he resided in Moncton, New Brunswick, the three years preceding his death; his last address was 6 Queen Street. He worked the day prior to his death. Cause of death, on 7 November 1939, at the age of 71, was coronary thrombosis (a blood clot inside a blood vessel of the heart). He is buried in the St-Jean Parish Cemetery in Bouctouche with his wife, who died 31 May 1960 at age 85 (http://acadian-cemeteries.acadian-home.org/).

vital marriagevital marriage 1f1635d3e-5401-4ed2-a595-7c89f3b3907cf1635d3e-5401-4ed2-a595-7c89f3b3907c-1vital visitmargerite to New Bedfordvital 1935vital death cert8f955d13-2987-4f1f-a7a9-43c9d8599fa9Vital death

(11) Olivier J., baptized 5 June 1870, married Celeste Cormier in 1892 at  at Ste. Marie de Mont-Carmel, daughter of Denis D. Cormier and Genevieve Roy (death certificate names mother as Marie LeBlanc), after being granted dispensation for the 3rd degree of consanguinity.

Known children number fifteen and include:
(a) Joseph Arthur b. 30 May 1893, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 & 1911 census); m. abt 1916, Amanda Goguen, daughter of Francois Xavier Goguen and Celina Melanson (Drouin Collection); in 1921 the couple resided in Ste Marie with three young children (1921 census);
(b) Marie Emma b. 25 Jan 1895, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 & 1911 census); m. Alyre Cormier, son of Onesime Cormier, 18 July 1915, St Mary’s (PANB).
(c) Joseph Alban b. 31 Aug 1896, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 & 1911 census); m. Gertrude Belliveau, daughter of Dosithe Belliveau and Rose Goguen, at Notre Dame, Kent, in 6 Aug 1917.  They were buried at Charterville Cemetery (Our Lady of Calvary or Notre Dame du Calvaire) located in Dieppe New Brunswick on the Chartersville Road – “ROY Alban 1896-1965 wife Gertrude Belliveau 1898-1970” (http://www.acadian-roots.com/cemetery-chartersville-two.html).
(d) Marie Elia b. 11 June 1898, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1901 & 1911 census); married 8 Nov 1920, Alfred son of Francois Surette and Marie Goguen (http://www.acadian-roots.com/marriages-catherale.html);
(e) Angelique b. 3 Jan 1900 (“Canada, Births and Baptisms, 1661-1959,” index, FamilySearch, 1901, 1911 census); m. 9 August 1920, Eugene, son of Maxime Caissie & Jeanne Leblanc (http://www.acadian-roots.com/marriages-catherale.html);
(g) Marie Emelie b. 15 Feb 1902, St. Mary’s (PANB birth, 1911 & 1921 census), m. 2 May 1923, Arthur, son of Sigefroid Leblanc & Sylvie Girouard (http://www.acadian-roots.com/marriages-catherale.html);
(h) Joseph Denis 30 Apr 1903, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1911 census);
(i) Joseph b. 10 Aug 1904, Mont Carmel (PANB, 1911 & 1921 census);
(j) Joseph Amedee b. 1 Jan 1906, St Mary’s (PANB birth, 1911 & 1921 census);
(k) Marie M b. 16 July 1907, St. Mary’s (PANB birth – not listed in any census, likely died young);
(l) Marie Alice b. 2 Nov 1908, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1911 & 1921 census),
(m) Marie Melina b. 23 Jun 1910, St. Mary’s (PANB, 1911 & 1921 census),
(n) Marie Laure b. 19 Aug 1911, St. Mary’s (PANB birth, 1921 census),
(o) Joseph Desire b. 6 Aug 1916 , St. Mary’s (PANB, 1921 census); m. Eva LeBlanc daughter of Fidele LeBlanc and Marie LeBlanc 19 Oct 1942, Ste. Antonie (PANB).

Olivier, a cultivator (farmer); died 17 December 1947, of vieillesse (old age) at Ste. Marie, a 77 year old widower.  His wife died 2 October 1945, at Ste. Marie, age 76 of pneumonia.

Oliver's marriageOlivier death7258d239-8a32-4f74-bc2a-fc24b278998a

(12) Jude, baptized 24 June 1873,  married Marie LeBlanc, age 33, of St Mary’s,  daughter of Cyrille LeBlanc and Scolastique Goguen on 1 May 1905, at the church of Notre-Dame de Mont Carmel; she likely died before 1911.

In 1911, Jude was residing with his brother Docité in 1911 the married/single/widowed column is crossed off, but it appears that both he and his father Joseph are labelled “V” (widowed), see close up.


Jude may be the single 48 year old boarder living with Olivier Cormier’s family, 55 Com Hill St, Moncton in 1921. There was also a possible Jude Roy living in Gardner, Massachusetts and listed in city directories from 1919-1921, however there are no other Roy family members at the address listed for “Jude Roy” (and a potential match was not located in the 1920 Gardner census), so there is no way to determine if this is our Jude.  He has not been located in any further records in Canada or the United States (records searched include marriage/death indexes, US and Canada WWI draft records, immigration records and censuses).

Jude marriage 1Jude marriage 2jude 1921


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  1. Posted by ethomson1@comcast.net on July 24, 2014 at 10:32 AM

    Incredible research. Nice.

    Are these your mother’s or father’s ancestors?



  2. […] After locating the card for my ancestors, Joseph Roi and Henriette Leger, I mentioned to Stephen that I struggled with determining consanguinity “…Joseph Roi and Henrietta Legere after having granted dispensation from 3 to 3 and 4 to the 4th degree of consanguinity…” (related blog post: https://passagetothepast.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/52-ancestors-week-28-using-consanguinity-to-prove-p…). […]



  3. Posted by Jeanne on October 30, 2014 at 1:02 PM

    Nice job! Looks like a lot of work..



  4. Posted by Leonard Roy on April 2, 2015 at 8:58 AM

    I am a great grandson of Cyrille Roy. My grandfather was Edward Roy who I think was the youngest. There may have been a younger one who passed away at 4 months old.I found this information to be very interesting.



  5. I do not know if this will help you. My great grandmother was Elizabeth Roy born in West Arichat Nova Scotia in 1851, She married Emile LeBlanc in 1887. I have her marriage certificate. Found in an old sea chest in a Hay stack Bible. She is buried in Plymouth, Massachusetts St. Joseph’s cemetery. In the old sea chest is also a Journal like book handwritten by Emile LeBlanc in an old fountain pen style, This book has many things pertaining to the events of their lives.



    • Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog! Apologies for the delayed response – I have been on vacation. I do not find Elizabeth Roy in my tree – would you have her parents/grandparents names? Maybe we can try to figure out the link – I am not 100% sure, but I believe all the Roys descend from the same founding Acadian family. Any chance you have done DNA testing?



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