My Acadian 30 – week #9, (Judith) Angélique Beliveau


In 2007, I joined  It never occurred to me that online, unsourced trees were inaccurate.  I essentially “copied” my entire Acadian family from potentially erroneous public trees and never looked back.  Although my newer entries are sourced, a visit to Stephen A. White, at Moncton University’s Centre d’Études Acadiennes [Center for Acadian Studies] in 2014,  revealed a number of errors. I am determined to start from scratch, and verify that I have all available records beginning with the 30 direct ancestors, connected to my maternal grandmother. This includes her parents, grandparents, g-grandparents and g-g-grandparents.

yvonne roy

To keep the project manageable, I will write of one ancestor each week.

Prior Weeks (click on a name to read the sketch)

Generation 1

Week #1 – Yvonne Marie (Roy) Billings

Generation 2

Week #2 – Pius/Paul Dost Roy

Week #3 –  Marie Laura “Laura” Melanson

Generation 3

Week #4 –  Docité OR Dosithée Roy

Week #5 – Victoire LeBlanc

Week #6 – Magloire Melanson

Week #7 – Ausithe/Osite Dupuis

Generation 4

Week #8 – Joseph Roy/Roi (King)

9. (Judith) Angélique Belliveau, the second known child and daughter of Amand Belliveau and Nathalie Bourgeois, was born 08 Nov 1831 (birth date from 1901 census) and baptized the next day at St Henri Parish, Barachois [Yes, the spine reads “Bouctouche”; according to Facebook researchers and Acadian genealogist/researcher Lucie LeBlanc Consentino (website here) in digitizing the parish registers, Jean-Pierre Pepin, somehow mixed up the spine from Bouctouche to the Barachois parish registers. From what I understand, this effects Drouin records dated 1812-1838. has them indexed correctly as Barachois].

angelique baptizm



I am still sorting through her siblings (I am guessing Stephen A. White’s binders at the University of Moncton could add some clarity – another project for my next visit!), but they seem to include:

[note: if a census year is listed, it refers to the child residing with parents in 1851 & 1861, or mother in 1871]

Marie –  baptized 13 Oct 1828 (Memramcook book/page 6-8, record here).  No entry for a marriage or death has been found.

Calixte – baptized  7 April 1832 (Memramcook, book/page 6-90), 1851 census, 1861 census (as Charles?), 1871 census (as Clis?), married Bibiane Leblanc, daughter of Benoni and Marie Bourque, in 1864 at Cap-Pelé (record here). He was a farmer; they had at least five children: Sifroi, Honore, Donat, Obeline and Louis. He died 1875, age 43 at Scoudouc (record here).

Justine – baptized  3 Oct 1833, godparents Joseph LeBlanc and Marie Richard (Memramcook, book/page 6-108, record here), 1851 census, may have married Joseph Bourque in Scoudouc in 1854, parents are not named (record here), she is not listed with Amand/Nathalie in 1861 census (unless she was enumerate as Saley – see below)…. In the 1851 census  “she” is listed as a “he”.  Looking at the birth record, I couldn’t read fils or filles. Some family trees (unsourced) list “him” as Justin. A death entry has been found for the Justine who married Jospeph Borque (thanks to a Facebook friend!), however no parents are named:


Denis – baptized 8 Dec 1834 at Barachois, godparents Jean Goudet and Marie LeBlanc (record here), 1851 census, on 31 Jan 1859 he may have married Marguerite D’Aigle at Bouctouche, Pacifique Belliveau was a witness, no parents named (record here).  Or he could still be with his parents in 1861 and enumerated as Dominique (see below). No death entry has been found.

Pacifique – baptized 9 Jan 1837 (Memramcook, book/page 6-192), 1851 census, 1861 census, it is possible that he married Rose LeBlanc in Memrmcook, parents are not named but the couple received a marriage dispensation for 3rd and 4th degree consanguinity, so additional research may confirm  (record here);  the Pacifique who married Rose died at St-Anselme 02 Jan 1883 (record here), he was age 45, thus the right age to be “our” Pacifique.

Euphemie – b. abt 1839, 1851 census, 1861 census, possibly married Dominic Landry in Memramcook (8-121) on 25 Nov 1856, parents are not named, but Justine Belliveau is a witness (record here). No death entry has been found.

Vital – b. abt 1840, 1851 census, 1861 census, died 1862 age 22 – record here. He was enumerated with his parents in 1861, and his parents are mentioned in his death record (not a spouse), so unless he was widowed, it seems unlikely that he married.

Sifroi – b. Aug 1841 (per 1900 census), 1851 census, possibly 1861 census (perhaps as Israel?, Amand had a brother of this name) named as “Dr. Sifroi of Boston” here.  In 1870 he is living in Boston with his wife Kate/Catherine (Bergin) and two year old daughter Nathalie, he is a clerk in Hadley Company (record here). They had a second child, Joseph, born 1871. Katherine died 28 March 1874 of Phthisis/Tuberculosis (record here). He married second Henriette Azelda Leger in Waltham, Massachusetts, 24 Nov 1874, his occupation is “trader” (record here). By 1900, they are living in Melrose, Massachusetts with their 19-year-old daughter Edna, he is a dentist, has been naturalized and claims to have entered the country in 1866 (record here). No death entry has been found.

Eustache – b. abt 1844, 1851 census, 1861 census, possibly married Francoise Richard daughter of Ambroise and Marguerite LeBlanc as listed in unsourced trees. In 1871, there is a single 22 year old man of this name residing in Dorchester (record here). No marriage or death entry has been found. 

Hyppolite – baptized  7 Feb 1845 (Memramcook, book/page 7-5, record here), 1851 census, 1861 census, 1871 census, married 23 Nov 1868, Adelaide Goguen, daughter of Magloire and Eulalie Bourque (record here). Known children include Urbain, Nathalie, Eugenie, Donat, Leonie, Melina, Marcel, Octavie and Emile.   He was widowed and married second, Marie Belliveau, daughter of Max and Justine Melanson, 14 Oct 1912 in Scoudouc (record here).  In the census years 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921 he resided in Shediac Parish in the area of Malakoff/Dorchester Road, Scoudouc. No death entry has been found.

Dosithee – baptized 27 Aug 1846 (Memramcook, book/page 7-41, record here), 1851 census, 1861 census. No death entry has been found.

Osithe – baptized 24 July 1848, godparents were Jean Belliveau and Marie Belliveau, (Memramcook, book/page 7-61), 1851 census, 1861 census, 1871 census, married Urbain Cormier, son of Simon and Clemence Goguen 1871, Scoudouc, names her father as deceased (record here).  Children include: Antoine Joseph and possibly others.  She was not located in later censuses; no death entry has been found.

Henriette – baptized 16 Feb 1852 (Saint Jacques, Scoudouc – record here), 1851 census [? is this really her ?], 1861 census (maybe, as Jane ?), 1871 census, married Eustache Babin in 1884, Scoudouc, (record here); It says that her parents were both deceased – it also says that the couple received a marriage dispensation for 2nd degree consanguinity (de sang) and 3rd degree affinity. And there having been no other impediments , we priest undersigned received their mutual consent of marriage and have given them the nuptial blessing in the presence of Dominique Belliveau and Elizabeth, etc.. She died 23 Feb 1915 and is buried in Scoudouc (link here).

Benoni – baptized 2 Apr 1854 godparents Pacifique Belliveau and Marguerite Leger (record here), d. 1855 (record on here) – both Saint Jacques, Scoudouc


Saley (??) b. abt 1834 – “daughter” in 1861 census but not in 1851 census?? The age is right for this to be Justine.

Dominique (??)  –  b. abt 1834 – “son” in 1861 census but not in 1851 census?? The age is right for this to be Denis.

Gertude (??) – b. abt 1835 – “son” in 1861 census – not in 1851 census??

Edouard – no baptism located and not listed with Amand in the 1851 census, but unsourced online trees list a marriage date of 21 Nov 1854 in Scoudouc to Domitille Boudreau.  The marriage record (found here) does not name parents.  The given name of the Belliveau witness can’t be read but does not appear to be a child of Amand. The entry is recorded immediately preceding Justine’s marriage. Could this be the Gertude enumerated in the 1861 census?

1851 Census

In 1851, Angélique  was residing with her family in Shediac Parish (likely in Scoudouc); her father was a farmer.


1861 Census – Amand and Nathalie (record here)

1861 census Amand

Marriage and Children

Angélique married Joseph Roy/Roi (King), the fifth and youngest known child, of François Roy/Roi and Vénérande Savoie, 13 Nov 1855, in Scoudouc, Westmorland, New Brunswick.

White card

As outlined in Joseph’s sketch, known children of Joseph and Angelique included:
Docite/Dosithee, Sifroi, Henriette, Sylvain, Cécile, Vital, Olivier and Jude.

Her father Amand died between 1861 and 1871.  Her widowed mother, Nathalie who died 21 May 1878 in Scoudouc, Westmorland, New Brunswick, Canada is listed in her brother, Calixte’s, household in 1871 (record here).

Angelique is found in the 1871-1901 censuses as detailed in her husband Joseph’s sketch.

Angelique, a farmer’s wife, died on 13 March 1907 at age 77, the cause was “decline”, she had been ill “all winter”. She is likely buried in St Mary’s.

angeliques death



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