My Acadian 30 – week #11, Madeleine LeBlanc


In 2007, I joined  It never occurred to me that online, unsourced trees were inaccurate.  I essentially “copied” my entire Acadian family from potentially erroneous public trees and never looked back.  Although my newer entries are sourced, a visit to Stephen A. White, at Moncton University’s Centre d’Études Acadiennes [Center for Acadian Studies] in 2014,  revealed a number of errors. I am determined to start from scratch, and verify that I have all available records beginning with the 30 direct ancestors, connected to my maternal grandmother. This includes her parents, grandparents, g-grandparents and g-g-grandparents.

yvonne roy

To keep the project manageable, I will write of one ancestor each week.

Prior Weeks (click on a name to read the sketch)

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11. Madeleine LeBlanc, daughter of Joseph Leblanc and Marguerite Collet, was baptized 21 Jan 1844 in Bouctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada.

my madeleine

According to Stephen A. White, Madeleine’s full siblings included: __?__, Henriette, Marie, Damare, Nicolas, Suzanne, Anselme, Georges, Osite, Daniel and Olivier  (see his handwritten notes below).


page 2 Joseph

In 1861 Madeleine (WhiteLeBlanc, age 18, resides in Wellington Parish with her parents Joseph & Marguerite and siblings Daniel and Oliver; next door (or nearby) is her future husband, Georges (White) LeBlanc, age 16, who is living with his mother Victoire, step-father Julian LeBlanc & half-siblings.

1861 census madeline2

As mentioned in prior posts:

– Joseph LeBlanc & Marguerite Collet had a son name Georges and a daughter named Madeleine.

– Sifroi LeBlanc & Victoire Bastarache had a son name Georges and a daughter named Madeleine.

One child from each family married the other – Georges to Madeleine and Georges to Madeleine!

My Madeleine married Georges LeBlanc of Sifroi LeBlanc and Victoire Bastarache in Bouctouche on 2 May 1864. They were both about 20 years of age.

george and marie bouctouche

According to Stephan A. White, the couple had eleven known children (I did not spend much time gathering records/details for them as this is a project for my “to do” list when I next visit Moncton, but I welcome additional information from cousins!):

  • Victoire, Henriette, Matilde, Vitaline, Eugenie, Zelie, Nerie, Marguerite, AdelardSara, Annie

Vitaline died as an infant.

Madeleine appears with her husband and children in the 1871 (Wellington Parish) and 1881 (Ste Marie, St Mary’s Parish) censuses [see Georges sketch].

Her daughters Henriette and Matilde died in 1890. Georges died on 14 Feb 1891 in Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, New Brunswick, of consumption, he was 47.

In 1891, the family is found in St Mary’s Parish. They were on image 34 and daughter Victoire (my direct ancestor) on image 36, with many LeBlanc families, likely related, in between:

Madeleine, 47 (widow, can not read or write, no occupation, “ad” written in the “occupation” box, unclear of meaning)
Eugenie, 18 (can read and write)
Zelie, 16 (can read and write)
Nerie, 11
Marguerite, 9
Adelard, 8
Sara, 6
Annie, 4
Georges Roy, 2 (no relationship listed – likely Madeleine had taken in her grandson, son of Henriette. Henriette had married Vital Roy, had one son then died in 1890, of consumption; sadly her son Georges died at age three in 1892 of la grippe, likely influenza).

1891 madeleine


Madeleine married second, Marc LeBlanc, son of Joachim and Prudentienne Maillet, widower of Cécile Bastarache  on 22 May 1893 in Ste Marie.

In 1901, the family is found in St Mary’s Parish (likely in Ste Marie).

Marc, 49, born 25 Mar 1851, farmer, can speak French and English, can not read or write
Madeleine, 58, born 15 Jan 1843, can read, can not write, speaks only French
Pierre [Marc’s son], 26, born 29 June 1874, occupation – farmer’s son, can read, write, speak English and French.
Nerie,  21, born 13 May 1879, occupation – farmer’s son, can speak French and English, can not read or write
Adelard, 17, born 2 April 1883, occupation – farmer’s son, speaks only French, can not read or write
Sara, 16, born 16 Sept 1884, can read, write, speaks only French
Annie, 14, born 28 May 1886, been in school 2 months in past year, can read, write, speaks only French
Joseph Caissie, border, 36, born 15 Mar 1864, journalier making $100, can speak French and English, can not read or write (he is also with the family in 1921 and noted as “father-in-law”).

Madeline 1901

In 1911, Madeleine (68, born Feb 1843) and Marc (60, born Nov 1851) were enumerated in St Mary’s Parish (likely in Ste Marie). Living with them were Madeleine’s son Adelard (age 28, born Apr 1883) his wife Emma and children Alyce, Madeleine and Mathilde and Madeleine’s widowed son Nerie (age 32, born May 1879), his children Marie Bertha and Edgar.

1911 census names

Much of the detail in this census are unreadable. Familyseach index here and here, census image here.

1911 census

Madeleine’s son Adelard died of consumption at age 29, 9 June 1912 (record here).  Her husband Marc died, 8 June 1919, age 66, in Ste Marie of heart and kidney trouble. They had no known children together.


In 1921, a widowed 78-year-old, Madeleine, was noted as head of household (she owned the property) living with her widowed daughter-in-law, Emma, and grandchildren (by her deceased son Adelard), AlyceMadeleine, Mathilde and Adelard in Ste Marie.  A 54-year-old Joseph Caissie, who was a border with the family in 1901, is listed as “father-in-law”.  His actual relationship is unknown.

1921 census names

Madeleine lost her daughter Eugenie, 30 Oct 1933, and daughter Victoire, 25 Sep 1934.  At least six of Madeleine’s eleven children and two husbands predeceased her. 

Madeleine died 4 May 1935, age 92, 4 months in St Damien.  According to her death certificate, was buried in Mt. Carmel cemetery in Ste Marie (I did not find her grave during my 2015 visit).  She died of old age, with no doctor. Her son Nerie was the informant.

death cert


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