My Acadian 30 – week #14, Jean-Bénoni DuPuis


In 2007, I joined  It never occurred to me that online, unsourced trees were inaccurate.  I essentially “copied” my entire Acadian family from potentially erroneous public trees and never looked back.  Although my newer entries are sourced, a visit to Stephen A. White, at Moncton University’s Centre d’Études Acadiennes [Center for Acadian Studies] in 2014,  revealed a number of errors. I am determined to start from scratch, and verify that I have all available records beginning with the 30 direct ancestors, connected to my maternal grandmother. This includes her parents, grandparents, g-grandparents and g-g-grandparents.

yvonne roy

To keep the project manageable, I will write of one ancestor each week.

Prior Weeks (click on a name to read the sketch)

Generation 1

Week #1 – Yvonne Marie (Roy) Billings

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Week #2 – Pius/Paul Dost Roy

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Generation 3

Week #4 –  Docité OR Dosithée Roy

Week #5 – Victoire LeBlanc

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Week #7 – Ausithe/Osite Dupuis

Generation 4

Week #8 – Joseph Roy/Roi (King)

Week #9 – (Judith) Angélique Belliveau

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Week #13 – Pélagie Leger

14. Jean-Bénoni DuPuis, second known child and eldest son of Joseph DuPuis and Anne (Nancy) Richard, was baptized on 05 Jan or Feb 1823  (Stephen A. White mentions that the entry is dated January, but comes after January records, so he feels that the priest likely continued to write January in error and that he was actually born in February). He was born “the night before”, in Memramcook, Westmorland, Dorchester Parish, New Brunswick, Canada).


Known siblings included:

Modeste, baptized Memramcook, 20 May 1821 [4-157]; buried Memramcook, 4 Mar 1825 [5-106]
Marie, baptized Memramcook, 9 May 1825 [5-111]
Henriette,  baptized Memramcook, 22 Nov 1827 [5-232]
Denis, baptized Memramcook, 1 Dec 1829 [6-41]
Marcelline, baptized Memramcook, 2 Feb 1832 [6-88]
Anne, baptized Memramcook, 10 July 1834 [6-124]
Donat, baptized Memramcook, 29 May 1837 [6-197]
Aime, baptized Memramcook, 27 Feb 1840 [6-204]
Dominique, baptized Memramcook, 10 May 1846 [7-36/37]; buried 5 July 1869 [M-89A]

And perhaps others – also listed in the 1851 census are Teton and Osite?

It is likely that the family resided on a farm in an area that would later be named Malakoff in Scoudouc (also called Bellevue Settlement). Scoudouc would not become a parish until later; it was thus administered by priests from Memramcook, Saint-Anselme, or Shediac.

There are a number of land deeds in the grantor/grantor indexes for John (perhaps Jean Benoni ?), Joseph, Benoni’s grandfather Pierre and other Dupuis in Dorchester, however the deeds are not available online.  A map listing land owners does mark their location.



Dupuis land

The green arrow marks the spot on the map just slightly North of the farm.


1851 Census

In 1851, Benoni continued to reside with his parents and siblings on the same farm:

Joseph, 50, Farmer
Nancy, 50  [likely Ann: Nancy, was originally a diminutive form of Anne or Ann.  In medieval England, Agnes would’ve been Annis. Or Anice. Or Annes. Nancy emerged as a pet form of Agnes via all those variants. As Annis and company faded from use, Nancy attached itself to Anne]
Balona, 26, Farmer [Benoni]
Denna, 21, Farmer [Denis]
Donat, 2?, Farmer
Marcelline, 19
Ann, 14
Dominick, 13 [Dominique]
Orietta, 11 [Henriette]
Teton, 6 [No baptism located for this child]
Osett, 4 [Osite ? – No baptism located for this child]

1851 Dupuis

Marriage and Children

Bénoni married Nathalie Sarah Boudreau on 03 Aug 1852 in Memramcook (nothing was found in parish registers; the civil record survived, but does not name parents).



Known children included:

Eustache, baptized Memramcook, 30 Jun 1854 [8-64]; appears on a farm in Malakoff with his parents, brother’s Ferdinand’s family and finally Phillias’ family; no marriage or children found; likely died 10 Apr 1914 in Scoudouc (laborer, died of dropsy after six months illness – record here).
Marie, baptized Memramcook, 13 May 1857 [8-131]; buried Memramcook 14 April 1868  [M-53].
Ferdinand, twin, baptized Memramcook, 15 Nov 1859 [9-20]; married Olive Melanson, daughter of Laurent Melanson and Pelagie Leger (his sister Osite married Olive’s brother); he was buried 1890 at Scoudouc, age 30 [record here].
Phillias #1, twin, baptized Memramcook, 15 Nov 1859 [9-20]; buried Memramcook 25 Dec 1859 [9-24]
Phillias #2, baptized Memramcook, 15 Jun 1862 [9-90]; married Adeline Melanson, daughter of Hippolyte Melanson and Anne Melanson; in 1911 he was enumerated on the farm in Malakoff.  He likely died 5 Dec 1918, in Malacoff, age 56 from Influenza.
Antoine, baptized Memramcook, 16 Oct 1864 [9-174]; buried 1876 Scoudouc, age 12 [record here].
Ausithe/Osite, baptized Memramcook 16 Jun 1867 [M-27A] – see sketch week #7.
Marie Bibianne, baptized Scoudouc 15 Mar 1871 [15]; married Jaddus Melanson, son of Pierre Melanson and Madeleine LeBlanc, in Scoudouc. She died 1 Dec 1950 in Springhill Jct., Cumberland, Nova Scotia from Breast Cancer (record here).

1861 Census

In 1861, Benoni, Nathalie and their three children, with several of Joseph’s siblings, resided on a farm adjacent to his father’s, in Scoudouc, which in 1866 became known as Malakoff (by 1898 Malakoff was a farming and lumbering settlement with 1 store and a population of 150 so it was likely a smaller community in 1861):

Joseph, 62 – husband
Nancy, 61 [Ann] – wife
Denis, 26 – son
Aime, 21 – son
Dominique, 15 – son

Benoni, 38 – husband
Sarah, 33 – [Nathalie] wife
Eustashe, 7 – son
Marie, 4 – daughter
Ferdinand, 2 – son
Harriet, 33 [Henriette ?] – sister
Ann, 21 – sister
Osite, 18 – sister

joseph 1861 beloni 1861

1871 Census

In 1871, Benoni and family are enumerated on the same farm.

The family is Catholic and includes:

Benoni, 47, can not read or write
Sarah [Nathalie], 44, can not read or write
Eustache, 15
Ferdinand, 11
Phillias, 8
Antoine, 5
Osite, 3
Bibianne, 1/12
John, 80 [relationship undefined, but likely a relative]

1871 dupuis

In 1871, Benoni owned 100 acres of land, twelve of which were improved, with one dwelling house.  He had one plow or cultivator and one car/wagon or sled.

The farm appeared to be much smaller that that of their Melanson neighbors. They produced twenty-five bushels of oats, fourteen of buckwheat and fifteen of potatoes.

The family had no horses, one milk cow, two sheep and two swine/pigs (one pig was exported or slaughtered).  They produced seven pounds of wool and thirty yards of homemade cloth/flannel.

Jean-Bénoni also lumbered 125 standard spruce and other logs, two cords of tan bark (which might have been used for fuel) and four cords of firewood.


b15a14e1-294e-4ba4-94ce-acb0c6110f34 (1)  615ef94c-61da-4a61-bf7d-15bf4c010521 15db3ef8-6d25-411c-95c2-850948c02866

Benoni died between 1871 and 1881, likely after 1875.  His death entry has not been located in parish or civil records. His widowed wife is enumerated in the household of their son Ferdinand, in 1881, which Ferdinand had purchased of his father in 1875, for two hundred pounds. Ferdinand later took a mortgage on the land; which was noted as land in Malakoff.




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