My Acadian DNA

My Aunt’s DNA finally finished processing on Ancestry and all of a sudden I am in 28 DNA circles! I know it’s beta (and only good as Ancestry trees are accurate), but cool (previously I had only one circle!). It will be interesting to see if we get any more once her brother and their first cousin’s tests are done processing!!

The trees begin with my mother’s maternal grandparents, and a red star indicates we have a DNA circle (each circle includes between 5 and 40 folks who match DNA with my Aunt and I, who also have those people in their tree).

My Aunt (as of today) has 1748 Shared Ancestor Hints & 5,847 4th cousins or closer.  Crazy!!  It will take years to go through all of them!!  Just for comparison, my non-Acadian Uncle has only 52 Shared Ancestor Hints & 236 4th cousins or closer.

Acadian tree um.png


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