Genealogy Services

Obtain Digital Copies of Pension Files and Compiled Military Service Records from NARA, DC

Pension files can be chock full of family details that are not recorded elsewhere! Each file typically has 50 to 100+ pages. I have seen original bible pages, marriage records, lists of children’s names and birth dates, medical reports and lots more!  Examples of files I have scanned (be sure to click the “load more” button): Pension Example1, Pension Example2, PensionExample3


  • Email your pension index card or soldier’s information (for CMSR) to
  • Submit payment by Paypal $75 for Pensions, $25 for CMSR (if you prefer to pay by check, please email us for payment address).

You will receive your record via digital format within 1 week, my price is the same as ordering through NARA, but you get your files almost immediately!!!

Index cards can be located on Family Search, and Fold3 – If you require assistance locating the card please contact me!

Genealogical Services– $60/hour

Have you hit a brick wall in tracing an elusive ancestor or received DNA results and don’t know how to interpret them?   With over 15 years in the business, Linda can help!

Linda takes on large or small projects – whether you need help locating one record or need help with your entire tree. She will provide a written report documenting what records were reviewed and what was found in a professional format with complete source citations. The report will include copies of any documents which relate to your ancestors. She can also provide ancestor charts, help set up an online tree, help you create a book or verify prior research.

  • Contact Linda today at for a free consultation!
  • We will agree upon the scope and number of hours, you will be contacted to authorize additional hours if required.
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