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52 Ancestors Week #26 – A Movie Star in the Family!!

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year’s Challenge: “Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”


A silent movie film star – our cousin?!?!?

Mary Lloyd Warrener, who  likely became the silent film star Mae Gaston, was a first cousin to my g-grandmother Edith Bernice (Lansil) Haines. Their mothers Jane Catherine (Roberts) Lansil and Grace (Roberts) Warrener were sisters.

Mae Gaston photos


My acquaintance with Mae Gaston (also May/Mame/Mayme) came from an online blog post, “The Wandering Warrener’s” – where a “long lost cousin”, Lol, analyzed a branch of the family.

He says:

“Mary appears in none of the censuses, but she apparently married and became Mary Baker, before adopting the screen name of Mae Gaston and having a very successful film career in silent movies between 1914 and 1920. There is some conflict here with the fact that Mae Gaston is quoted and coming from Boston, Mass. – but this seems unlikely, unless Edmund and Grace originally landed in Boston and spent time there prior to moving to Illinois.”

He shared Edmund’s obituary, which appeared in The Chicago Tribune  on Saturday, July 12, 1930.  It reads as follows:

   WARRENER–Edmund F. Warrener, late of 3431 N. Troy St., dearly beloved husband of Jennie (nee Saunders), fond father of Jane Neddo, Nan Miller, Robert, Mary Baker, Warren and Edmund Jr., at rest in the funeral church, 3834-36 Irving Park Blvd., where services will be held  Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. Interment Elmwood Cemetery.


Our story:

My g-g-grandmother, Jane Catherine Roberts was born in 1862 in Lanfairfechan, Caernarvonshire, Wales to Robert Roberts and Jane Roberts (Roberts married Roberts, no relation), in a mountainside stone home named Cae haidd.  Jane had three sisters – Mary Ann (b. 1855), Margaret (b. 1867) and Grace (b. 1857) – her story here.

Sister, Grace married an Englishman, Edmund F. Warrener (a gamekeeper, born in Barlborough, Derbyshire in 1853, the 2nd son of John Walter Warrener and Jane Cordwell), and had 3 children  in Lanfairfechan – Jane (b. 1879), Ann/Nance (b. 1881) and Robert Cordwell (b. 1882).

Between Sept 1883 and Oct 1885  the Warrener family, Jane Catherine Roberts and Margaret Roberts sailed for Boston, Massachusetts. The Warrener/Roberts family initially settled in East Boston on Wilbur Court.  Edmund worked as a mason. There, on 11 Nov 1885, they had a daughter who was given a birth name of Mary Lloyd Warrener, after Grace’s paternal grandmother –

Mae Gaston birth

On Thursday, December 23, 1886 a 24 year old, pregnant, Jane Catherine Roberts married 47 year old Edwin Lansil (a lumber surveyor).  She settled with Edwin in Dorchester, Massachusetts and raised three daughters there – Frances “Fanny”, Edith Bernice and Doris. Soon afterwards, the Warreners packed up and relocated to Illinois (Margaret Roberts followed; she married John Williams, also a mason and raised 5 children – Jane Catherine, David, Robert, Grace and John).  In Illinois, Grace and Edmund had 3 more children – Warren (b. 1889; he went on to Vaudeville), Margaret (b. 1891) and Edmond (b. 1894).

Sadly, the day after Christmas, December 1897, 39 year old Grace died of complications while giving birth to their eighth known child [her obituary states that only six of her seven children survive – I believe that to be a typo, seven seemed to have survived; Margaret (Warrener) Brayton did predecease her father by about five weeks in 1930, which is why his obituary lists only six children – their deaths were seemingly unrelated, Margaret died from breast cancer and Edmund from a heart attack].



grace death

Two years later, in 1900, only Edmund jr. was at home. The remaining children were split up (some adopted, others taken in by their aunt Margaret). Edmund had remarried to Sarah Jane “Jennie” Saunders of Toronto, Canada.  I was able to track six of the seven living children through marriage and death – all except Mary Lloyd Warrener born in Boston – she was a mystery. Grace’s obituary claims only six of her eight children were living.  Did  Mary Lloyd die?  I hadn’t located a death record, but she is the only child of the seven unaccounted for in the 1900 census.

Then I read my cousin’s blog! Perhaps she became Mae Gaston?!?!?

I searched in vain for information about Mae Gaston’s childhood. I located many photos and newspaper articles chronicling her film life from 1914-1920. First she was under contract with Reliance Majestic and Fine Arts Studios; then she signed a contract with David Horsley Studios in Los Angeles.  Studio directories claim she was born in Boston in 1894, educated there and Lakeview High School, Chicago [there was a Lakeview public school and a private boarding school that existed in Chicago during that time]. She was described as 5’5″, 125 pounds with light brown hair and dark blue eyes. For “recreation”, she rides, swims, plays golf and tennis.

So, the silent film star was in Boston and then Chicago, just like our Mary Warrener!

Mae Gaston stories2


Mae Gaston signing

Mae in marriedMae and Ford

She appears in over 40 titles, many as leading lady with Francis Ford.

Mae Gaston stories

On Sunday, 24 Oct 1920, the Boston Herald describes  a movie town known as “Filmland City” on the Fellsway in Medford, Massachusetts where eight episodes of the popular “Nick Carter” series have been recently filmed. Mae is the leading lady opposite star Tom Carrigan.

Mae in Medford2Mae in Medford3


Nothing after 1920 – she disappears – no marriage, no death or obituary, no more films. Maybe she was a cousin, but there was no evidence; I gave up.

A few years later I discovered a letter dated August 1977 written by my grandmother’s sister Natalie of her visit to Aunt Doris (Lansil) Jenkins, Jane Catherine Lansil’s youngest daughter, on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   Natalie writes to her sister: “…We did learn that grandmother Jane Catherine had other sisters. One sister Grace had a daughter who became May Gaston, a movie star (never heard of her).  Doris showed us a picture of her autographed to “My dear cousin Frances Lansil”….”

In another letter addressed to Natalie, dated September 1977,  Jane Catherine (Williams) Peterson says:

….My mother’s name was Margaret she had two sisters Jane Lansil and Grace Warrener – her husband was Edmund Warrener who was born in England. There were no boys in the family. My grandparents landed in Boston. My mother stayed there for awhile – she met Dad – he came to Chicago to seek work – he was a stone mason and she came later because Aunt Grace and hubby came here sometime before. Aunt Grace’s daughters were such beautiful girls. Mayme was in the movies years ago and Warren (my cousin) was an actor and was the original sissy in “School Days”….”

So three cousins, who knew nothing of one another, all claim a “film star cousin”, Mae Gaston through Grace Roberts Warrener! My interest piqued.

In the few years that had past, both and have added millions of records to their databases and perhaps my genealogy skills have improved a bit 🙂  I had never tried searching for “Mae Baker” (remember? a daughter, “Mary Baker”, was listed in Edmund F. Warrener’s obituary) – silly me!

death index

On, a Mae L Baker in the California death index – Mother’s maiden name “Roberts”! Birth date of 11 Nov 1885, an exact match to Mary Lloyd Warrener born in Boston!

I sent for her SS-5.   Here is seems she lies about her birth year saying she was born in 1904 vs. 1895.  But it IS our Grace.  Once she reached retirement age she must have submitted a correction to collect benefits, which might explain why the SS index has a correct date. The SS-5 is undated (or I can’t read the date), but probably 1949 since she says she was 44 on her last birthday). She was living at 1341 West 164th Gardena, California (the house was built in 1923:

Mae SS-5

Then on a marriage license:  In 1928, she married a bond broker, 30 year old Harold Hoover Baker, son of Abraham Lincoln Baker and Ida Mae Hoover. Mae again seems to have lied about her age – A 43 year old divorcee claiming to be 32 residing in Beverly Hills (home of the rich and famous?)!!! And it is her second marriage!?!?

a9bfdec2-272d-442a-8147-01c77685e82b 7a7fc3bc-e3eb-4dc2-ae11-4095eed38233


USGENWEB lists ( THE HAROLD HOOVER BAKER FAMILY – Harold Hoover Baker-5, b. Oct 19, 1898, m. Nov 24, 1928 to Mae L. Warner. [1939 Address]: 17104 So. Figuerroa St., R.R. #2, Box 240, Gardena, California.

There is a Mae and Harold Baker living alone in 1940, both age 40 (which is about right assuming Mae was continuing to lie about her age), Mae born in Massachusetts and Harold born in California.  They have been living on 17104 Figueroa in Compton, California, for at least 5 years, a home valued at $2,500 (one of the least expensive in the area). Harold is an Operator on a Poultry Ranch (perhaps a changed career related to the Great Depression of the 1930/40’s?).  In 1930, Harold’s parents Abraham and Ida Baker  were living nearby at 17318 Figueroa.  According to Wikipedia, Figueroa is one of the longer streets in Los Angeles, it runs in a north/south direction for more than 30 miles.

Mae & Harold 1940:

Abraham & Ida 1930:

Still no Mae in any other censuses or city directories. But now I knew that she had a first husband.

I wrote again to cousin Lol to share my findings.  He responded with an old email from another Warrener cousin (Grace’s daughter Jane Catherine Warrener’s granddaughter) which read:

….”One of Grandma Jane’s brothers, “Warry,” was in vaudeville and on the same bill as Eddie Cantor and Al Johlson.  He died in a vaudeville retirement home in Chicago.  In the 1920’s, her sister Mary (Mame) was in silent movies and used the stage name “Mae Gaston.” She had an illegitimate son her husband never knew about.  Her married name was Baker”…..

The plot thickens! An illegitimate son that her husband never knew about? Scandalous!

I located a marriage entry in the Cook County Indexes on  Was this our Mary Warrener? Was Fred Curtis Aldrich (son of Christopher C. Aldrich and Elizabeth Blencoe) her first husband? I couldn’t be sure.  I ordered a copy.  It will take weeks to arrive.  I am not good at waiting 🙂

marriage index

I continued my search.

In the 1920 census, Cook County, there is a Fred C. Aldrich living with wife Estelle and children Edmund (16) and Ardelle (14) – – Edmund?  Named after Mary Warrener/Mae Gaston’s father? Estelle was just 31 – had she given birth at 16 or was she a step-mother?

Another marriage index shows that Fred C. Aldrich and Estelle Hendricks were married 30 Dec 1913, long after the birth of Edmund and Ardelle!   So likely this was our Mary Warrener (I have not located birth records for the children).

Fred Aldrich died in June 1946.  The obituary says his son Edmund is deceased.

Fred Obituary.png

Chicago Tribune June 19, 1946:

ALDRICH- Fred C. Aldrich, husband of Estelle, father of Mrs Ardelle Thibault and the late Edmond, son of Elizabeth Aldrich, brother of Ardelle, Harry and the late Ralph……

Chicago Tribune June 20, 1946:

Fred C. Aldrich

Services for Fred C. Aldrich, 64, teacher and shop superintendent at Schurz High school for 35 years, will be held at 3 p.m. today from the chapel, at 3918 Irving Park rd. Burial will be in Acacia Park. Mr. Aldrich died Tuesday at his home, 4031 Waveland av. He also was in charge of veterans’ counseling at Schurz, and coached its first football team many years ago. He is survived by his widow, Estelle; a daughter, Mrs. Ardella Thibaut; his mother, a sister and a brother.

is Edmund Aldrich is found buried with his grandparents, Christopher and Elizabeth Aldrich, at Oakridge-Glen Oak Cemetery, Hillside, Cook, Illinois. He died in 1923, age 20 (five years before Mae married Baker). The cemetery records show only that the deceased came to them on 7 September 1923 and is buried in sec 19, lot 462.  There is no funeral home reference, or any other information, just the name Elizabeth Aldrich (his grandmother?).



Fred’s  daughter Ardelle held an MBA from DePauw University, became an elementary school teacher, married Richard Carlisle Thibault and moved to 5931 Morningside, Dallas, TX where she passed away from breast cancer on 31 August 1956 at the age of 50.  Her obituary (Dallas Morning News, 1 Sept 1956, section 3, page 15 and Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963) [Chicago, Ill] 03 Sep 1956: c10.) does not mention any children (or her brother Edmund) and names her mother as Mrs. Fred C. Aldrich of Gobles, MI.  

dedc0564-20f9-4f55-a8b5-154e3febfba8ardelle death.png

No mention of Mary Warrener or Mae Gaston (who was still living) in the obituary.  But, she was listed as “mother” on Ardelle’s death certificate found on If Edmund was born in 1903, then Mae was likely pregnant (or just had the baby) when she married Fred Aldrich in March of that year.

Since Fred raised the children and is named as Ardelle’s father on her death certificate, it is likely that the children were his.  However, I am still looking for their births and Edmond’s death and obituary which might give us a definitive answer.


So sad…  What happened to 13 year old Mary Warrener when her mother Grace died? How was her screen name chosen? There must be some document out there with Mae Gaston’s birth date (perhaps she lied about the year, but wouldn’t she be truthful about the day/month – would it match our Mary Warrener?)! Did Mary/Mae abandon her two children for fame and fortune as a silent film star and then deny their existence to marry a much younger, wealthy bond broker?  It certainly seems so.  Did she ever regret her decision or see the children again? Did she have more children with Baker? Why did she leave the movie world? So many questions that may never be answered.

Mae’s obituary found in a Sonoma paper mentions nothing of a former career or screen name of Gaston.

Mae BakerHarry Baker

Someday I hope to find her probate in Sonoma and perhaps track down Edmund Aldrich and his descendants…..I would love to locate Mae in the 1900 -1930 censuses – I have never had an ancestor with the ability to avoid censuses takers for 30 years! She has to be there someplace!  We do know she was filming in Medford, MA in the fall of 1920….but she wasn’t found in any census in the US other than 1940.

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