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52 Ancestors, week #15 – Louis Napoleon Chalifour – UPDATE!!

No Story Too Small has issued a New Year’s Challenge: “Have one blog post each week devoted to a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on one ancestor.”  

My husband ran into a cousin, who mentioned her mom was interested in genealogy.  He returned home and asked “does the name Napoleon ring a bell?”  Yes, husband, we have talked extensively about Napoleon….he is your g-grandfather.   Husband says, “I thought the name sounded familiar, I can’t remember all these people!”


I took a French Genealogy class at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) years ago, and was able to trace Napoleon back to Mathurin Chalifour born abt 1593 in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France.  My husband’s response when I shared the news: “You mean I am French?”…. “Yes, dear, where did you think the French Canadians came from? Australia?  🙂


Chalifour La Rochelle

Mathurin Chalifour’s son Paul Chalifour, the first in the line to immigrate to Quebec was 15 years old during the Siege of La Rochelle in 1627.  The Siege of La Rochelle (French: Le Siège de La Rochelle, or sometimes Le Grand Siège de La Rochelle) was a result of a war between the French royal forces of Louis XIII of France and the Huguenots of La Rochelle in 1627–28. The siege marked the apex of the tensions between the Catholics and the Protestants in France, and ended with a complete victory for King Louis XIII and the Catholics. During the siege, the population of La Rochelle decreased from 27,000 to 5,000 due to casualties, famine, and disease.

Paul Chalifour (master carpenter specializing in putting up timber-work) is the only child of Mathurin  who later appears in Canada (he married there in 1648).  We don’t know if he had siblings and what became of them and his parents.  He likely lost many relatives and friends in the siege

The remaining Protestants of La Rochelle suffered new persecutions, when 300 families were again expelled in November 1661, the year Louis XIV came to power. The reason for the expulsions was that Catholics deeply resented a degree of revival of Protestant ownership of property within the city.

The episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” featuring Tom Bergeron which first aired on 30 Aug 2015 recounts the horrific details of these ancestors who were subjected to starvation and religious persecution:

Louis Napoleon “Napoleon” Chalifour, a descendant of Mathurin and Paul is the subject of today’s sketch.  He was born to Jean Elie Chalifour and Helene Gagnon and baptized 29 January 1879, in Plessisville, Québec, Canada.



Napoleon baptism

In 1891, Napoleon, age twelve (placing his birth at about 1889), is found residing in Plessisville (also known as  the village of Somerset) with his widowed mother and a few siblings.  He was enumerated as Louis Chalifour.

He married Marie Josephine Rose de Lima LeBlanc, daughter of Antoine LeBlanc and Herméline Thuot, on 5 Feb 1902 in Montreal, Canada.


The marriage record names Napoleon’s parents and indicates his father is deceased and his mother is of Saint Cecilia de Valleyfield (she likely moved to be near or with family; Napoleon’s sister Beatrice married two years earlier, in 1900, and at that point, their widowed mother was said to be of Plessisville).



Napoleon had four sons – Henry, Leon Pierre, Louis Albert and George between 1903 and 1907.  My husband descends from Albert.

In 1911, the family lived in Jacques-Cartier, Quebec.  They are Catholic, primary language is French, and Napoleon is in construction. Napoleon is listed as age 32 and his birth as January 1879.

Napoleon census 1911

Napoleon emigrated to Salem, Massachusetts (my husband’s birthplace) before May 1915 – the date when his family crossed the border, claiming they were to join him.


The family lived together on Foster Street in 1920. A 43 year old Napoleon, which places his birth at about 1878, was listed as a house carpenter who had applied for naturalization.  He is listed in the 1922, 1924 and 1926 city directories, as a carpenter, at this address.

Napoleon census

That’s where the trail ends. The 1927 and 1928 city directories are not available online. In the 1929 & 1930 city directories and 1930 census, his wife is listed as a widow. The only Chalifour’s listed in the 1926 to 1930 Massachusetts death index are Alfred J A, Elie and James Henry all of Salem. A Declaration of Intent to become Naturalized has not been found.

Family lore says: “We do not know when Napoleon died as he went to Pennsylvania to find work, and no one ever heard from him after that.  He may have been killed in a log-jam as he was working there. ”

Napoleon was in Pennsylvania, years earlier, working as a Carpenter, in 1918, when he registered for the WWI draft.  He lists a birth date of 27 July 1870 and names Rose Chalifour of Salem, Massachusetts as his wife and nearest relative.  The birth year is a bit off (perhaps an error, or he was trying to make himself appear older to avoid military service).

WWI draft.png

So… Napoleon is on my “list” of folks to research this summer. Did he return to Pennsylvania? To date, I haven’t found any evidence to support this nor have I located a record of his death there (Pennsylvania death certificates are online at

UPDATE: 22 August 2016

A Napoleon Chalifour  registered for the draft in 1942 in Oklahoma.

This Napoleon is listed as 5’5″, 160 pounds with blue eyes, blonde hair and ruddy complexion.  The WWI draft card list’s my husband’s Napoleon as medium height, stout build with blue eyes and brown hair – not exactly a similar description….other than the blue eyes.

But, he claims a birth of 27 January 1878 in Plessisville, Canada. This birth day (January 27th) matches that of the WWI draft record.

All baptisms were examined in Plessisville and there was only one Napoleon listed in that parish in that time period. Yes, my husband’s “missing” g-grandfather, who was baptized 29 January 1879.

Napoleon draft card

pg two.png

Further, there was only one other Chalifour family baptizing children in Plessisville in that time frame (records were examined from 1854 to 1885).  Hilaire Chalifour and his wife, Flavie Moreau baptized a son Georges in April of 1879, thus it is unlikely that they also had a son Napoleon that same year who’s baptism went unrecorded. Note that baptisms were recorded individually, implying the children were baptized soon after birth (vs. having to travel to a priest or wait until a traveling priest was in town to baptize multiple children at once).

Last, my husband has a 2nd-3rd cousin Autosomal DNA match on 23andme to another descendant of Jean Elie Chalifour and Helene Gagnon through their son Elie, so it is pretty likely hubby’s Napoleon is the one baptized in Plessisville and the one who appears later in Oklahoma.

In 1942, Napoleon’s close contact (at the same address) is Mary Chalifour.

The 1940 census lists Napoleon and Mary as husband and wife living in Crutcho, Oklahoma.  Napoleon’s occupation is “carpenter”.  The same occupation as my husband’s Napoleon.


A Find-A-Grave entry lists  a Napoleon Chalifour buried at Fairlawn Cemetery, Oklahoma City

Birth: 1879 – Death: 1947

A note on Mary’s record reads:


1882 Toronto Ontario, Canada


Jun. 29, 1949 Oklahoma County Oklahoma, USA

Died of cancer at St Anthony Hospital. Lived in the United States about 30 years. No living relatives are known.

A social security death claim was made for Napoleon Chalifour in 1947:


Napoleon Chalifour



Birth Date:

27 Jan 1876

Birth Place:

Verdun, France

Death Date:

1 Mar 1947

Claim Date:

11 Mar 1947

Type of Claim:

Death Claim


10 Nov 1977: Name listed as NAPOLEON CHALIFOUR

Although the birth year and place differ from the 1942 draft registration (but the date is again listed as 27 January).

Other records have not been located – I primarily searched for a marriage record to Mary, the 1930 census, his application for Naturalization, death certificate and obituary. I also searched for the Napoleon of Oklahoma in earlier records without success; this negative result is another indicator that Napoleon of Oklahoma and Napoleon of Salem are the same person.

A comparison of the 1918 and 1942 signatures are inconclusive.   It is interesting that both sign as Nap not Napoleon. The C in Chalifour is similar.

Np signature.png

I ordered Napoleon of Oklahoma’s SS-5 (social security application) to see who he named as parents and to match up the signature with that of the draft cards!  Note that social security numbers beginning with 444-10 were issued in Oklahoma from 1936-1950, so this neither supports or disproves the theory……  A copy of the application, completed by Napoleon, should arrive within 3 weeks  Stay tuned!

UPDATE 3 September 2016

The SS-5 has arrived!  Napoleon Chalifour of Oklahoma likely filled out the application, dated 17 July 1937, where he names his parents as Eli Chalifour and Helen Gagnon (a match to the man baptized in Plessisville, Canada and to the man who married Josephine Rose de Lima LeBlanc)  and a birthdate of 27 January 1876 (matching the birth month/day of the Napoleon of Salem; he perhaps added four years to his age to claim Social security benefits earlier?).

He does report a birth place of Verdun, France (perhaps he was fearful the government would identify him as the missing Salem man? or perhaps this fib makes it less likely they would have the ability to disprove the 1876 birth year).

However, the signature on the SS-5 and employer [Mack Denny/ MH Denney] matches that of the 1942 WWII draft card, where he reports a birth year of 1878 and place of Plessisvill[e], Canada

Despite a few inconsistencies, this further supports the theory that Napoleon of Salem and Napoleon of Oklahoma are the same man.

SS5 Napoleon.jpg


Using Maps to locate the Lansil homestead

There exist a variety of reasons for genealogist to consult maps.

An article in the Learning Center summarizes genealogical map uses:

Let’s begin with Charles V. Lansil (Lansill, Lansel, Lansell, Lanselle, Lancle, Lancil, Lancel to name a few variations), a Mariner, my immigrant ancestor who was my paternal grandmother’s mother’s father’s grandfather  or more simply, my 4th g-grandfather.

me -> my dad -> my grandmother->Edith Bernice (Lansil) Haines ->Edwin Lansil -> Asa Paine Lansil -> Charles V. Lansil


“The History of Penobscot County, Maine: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches”, published by Williams, Chase & Company, 1882 ( describes the life of Charles through the eyes of two of his living children.  Son James was born about 1816, he would have been about age 66 when the biography was written, while Charles Jr. born about 1808 would have been age 74 (he died a year after the publication was written).

penobscot county

of striking appearance.png

In summary, Charles, was possibly born about 1768 in Bordeaux or Havre, France. He immigrated around the age of 18 (about 1786) and became a sailor on Cape Cod where he resided for about 24 years.  He married Ruth C. Paine, of Truro (a descendant of Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins). Although no records have been located, their fourth child may have been born in Chatham, Massachusetts in 1808 (implying perhaps the first three were born there as well). To date, I have only found a potential record for Betsey (child #3) in the Chatham vitals, born 1806 but recorded February 1808:

betsey Lansil birth

The family then moved around 1810 to Buckstown, Maine (later renamed Bucksport).  They have not been located in the 1810 census. There seem to be a large number of Cape Codders who relocated to Buckstown so it is possible that they were in transit or with another family.

It is likely their fifth child, Asa Paine Lansil (my 3rd g-grandfather) was born there in 1812 (according to his death record at the Hammond Street Church in Bangor, Maine). The family moved to Sunkhaze (later renamed Milford, Maine) where no children were apparently born and then to Bangor by 1816 when James, the sixth child, was born.

in 1820 Charles Lancell is listed in the federal census in Bangor with 10 family members ( This matches closely with what is known of the family.  Son George wasn’t born until 1821 and there seems to be an additional female under 10 who perhaps died (no record of birth/death found) or was a niece or other relative.

1820 Bangor census

Males – Under 10:

3 – Asa Paine b. 1812; James P. b. 1816, Ephraim P. b. 1819

Males – 10 thru 15:

1 – Charles V. b. 1808

Males – 16 thru 25:

1 – Thomas P. born about 1800

Males – 45 and over:

1 – Charles V.

Free White Persons – Females – Under 10:

1 – unknown child

Females – 10 thru 15:

1 – Betsey born about 1805

Females – 16 thru 25:

1 – Mary P. born about 1804

Females – 26 thru 44:

1 – Ruth

Persons – Engaged in Manufactures:


Total All Persons –


The census doesn’t tell us where they resided, however a map in this same book (“The History of Penobscot County pg 590-1), dated 1820, lists C.V. Lansil as living at a location numbered 110.

Lansil map

A current map of the area is found in Google Maps.

google map

By overlaying these two maps in Photoshop (easy since they lived by the river and stream) and reducing the opacity of the 1820 map,  the street as it is called today, can be identified.

Bangor map overlay

This area, now named Front Street, is a beautiful city park with walking paths along the river. I visited just yesterday and snapped these photos:

Bangor photos

Imagine what the Lansil view must have been like during this time period when Bangor  prospered as a lumber port; the era when it was known as “the lumber capital of the world”.  Between 1832 and 1888, Bangor shipped out 8.7 billion board feet of lumber. In downtown Bangor where Kenduskeag Stream joins the Penobscot,  two times a day, the flood tides of Penobscot Bay and the Atlantic Ocean cause the water to rise twelve feet.  Bangor’s lumber (and related industries) created a bustling metropolis and boom town.  Population grew in just 4 years from 2,808 in 1830 to 8,000 people by 1834.  Millions of logs traveled down the Penobscot River to be converted in Bangor’s over 300 mills, and by 1850 Bangor was the world’s leading lumber port.   In 1860, Bangor shipped 250 million board feet of lumber on more than 200 ships a day that sailed downriver; that year, there were 3,376 vessel arrivals in Bangor. In 1872, close to 2300 coastal vessels loaded lumber in Bangor-filled their holds and piled it five or six feet deep on deck-and departed for ports all over the world.

Trees were cut in the late fall and winter, when it was easier to move them on snow to the nearest river. In spring, using rivers swelled by snowmelt and rain, loggers floated logs downstream to places like Bangor and Ellsworth. There sawmills cut logs into long lumber called deals for beams, planks, and boards, or into small lumber for shingles,clapboards, laths, and fence posts.

Once navigation opened, the spring rivers brought winter cut lumber down river, where a fleet of vessels carried it to the expanding cities of the U.S. eastern seaboard, the Caribbean, and South America. Steam tugs, introduced on the river sometime before 1850, could, for a fee, make the passage up and down the river much faster. Many sailing captains, however, chose to save towing charges. The larger schooners of the 1870s helped more lumber reach a bigger market.

774637075Lansil view

Neighbors of the Lansil’s in 1820 included:  T. Dennett (52), T. Trafton (160), L. Smith (148), B. Blodgett (149), B. Emerson (59), P. Junin, murdered (99) and J. Budge (18).

Wait! Murdered?!?! Yes, there is a story: – interesting that this murdered Lansil neighbor was from France, born in La Rochelle – coincidence or could they be cousins? Bangor was not a typical migration path for the French).

Junin’s residence is described as being near the Railroad in the History of Penobscot County (written 1882) pg 535:

Junin home

The article mentions a Jacob Dennett living nearby (he had a son T Dennett, perhaps the Lansil neighbor in 1820):

Dennett  home

Dennett’s residence near the railroad is mentioned in the Maine Historical Magazine, vol 5 written 1890:

Dennett  home location

An 1875 map from, confirms that in that time period, the railroad was located in the area now know as Front Street, thus confirming our assumptions of the location of the Lansil homestead:


Two additional 1820 neighbors are listed on an 1801 map in the same vicinity – Trafton and Emerson on lots 3 & 5 (the Dennett’s are also listed on lots 8 & 9):

Bangor 1801

Since the census enumerator was “efficient” and added all of the Bangor families in alphabetical order instead of order in which they were enumerated, we can’t confirm the remaining “Lansil neighbors” using the 1820 census.  By 1830,  the neighboring names were different.  Were they still at this address?

Charles drowned in 1831 in some type of tragedy near Mount Desert Island, Maine. His probate record of inventory mentions  “rights in the homestead or lot and house in Bangor which deceased occupied at time of his decease”, no entries for Charles were found in the grantor/grantee indexes in Penobscot County from 1816 or later (prior to 1816, Bangor was part of Hancock County) – the pre-1816 deeds are online ( but older ones can only be searched by book/page. I submitted a request to the Family History Library for a copy of the old Lansil grantor/grantee indexes. I live 2 hours away from a center and thus am eligible for this free  (wonderful) service! Requests usually are fulfilled (via email) in a few weeks – – unfortunately they responded that there was no variation of Lansil found.

will homestead

probate CV

A few years later, widow Ruth is listed on Fore Street in the 1834 city directory. There is no Fore Street in Bangor today.  Fore is listed on the 1820 map as area “n”, but “n” does not seem to appear on the 1820 map. The next city directory published was in 1843, after Ruth’s death. The definition of “fore” is “situated or placed in front” so perhaps Fore Street became Front Street?

1834 city directory


A land deed from that same year, Bangor, Book 48 pgs 129 & 130 dated 17 April 1834,  indicates all of Charles V. Lansil’s (deceased “labourer”) heirs and children together buy a lot of land near the Penobscot River for the price of $325 from three merchants named William Emerson, Wiggins Hill and James McLaughlin (Dionysia Hill, wife of Wiggins releases her dower). Lansil children/heirs listed include: Mary P. Dudley, Betsy McKenney, Charles, Thomas P., Asa P., James P., Ephraim P. and George W. – Interesting that they purchased as “heirs” and not on their own behalf.  The land office wasn’t even sure why the purchase was written this way.  As of 1821, married women in Maine, were allowed to own and manage property in their own name in case their spouse became incapacitated which explains Mary & Betsey being included in the transaction and not their spouses (

land deed

This is the same land deeded by Tristam and Sally Warren to Hill & McLaughlin on 13 Aug 1827 (book 16, page 265). –

The deed describes the land (and mentions a beach), but doesn’t assist in finding the location on today’s map:


Book 20, page 255 in Hancock County Deeds further describes the land as in township 5 in the 7th range in the County of Hancock, lot 2 & 3 in the 9th range….


Lots 2 & 3, found on the map of “first settlers” appears to be very close (a bit downstream) to the area found on the 2013 map of Front Street:

first settlers

first settlers map

Lot 2 and 3

Perhaps when Charles suddenly drowned his children all pitched in to buy the property together to allow Ruth to stay in her home (or perhaps move to a new home). More research is needed. The “first settlers” map was not easily overlaid on to a 2013 Google Map however it appears that the second property falls around Main Street not on Front or Fore (several of the Lansil’s lived on Main Street throughout the 1800’s).

Off to trace forward (and backward) all of the Penobscot County Lansil deeds! Stay tuned!

Lot’s of Lansil Penobscot County deeds from 1814 to 1889, this might take awhile!

Grantee (buyer) Grantor (seller) Vol Pg Type deed date
John Barker Thomas P Lansil 38 169 Mort 25 Jul 1833
John Barker Charles V Lansil 38 171 Mort 25 Jul 1833
Alexander Savage Asa P Lansil al 38 306 Mort 25 Jul 1833
Alexander Savage Charles V Lansil al 38 306 Mort 25 Jul 1833
Asa P Lansil al William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
Charles V Lansil (heirs of) William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
Charles V Lansil al William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
Ephraim P Lansil William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
George W Lansil William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
James P Lansil William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
Thomas P Lansil al William Emerson al 48 129 Qtc 17 Apr 1834
Charles V Lansil JH Dudley 49 53 War 3 Aug 1834
Asa P Lansil al Alexander Savage 58 441 War 25 Jul 1833
Charles V Lansil al Alexander Savage 58 441 War 25 Jul 1833
Charles V Lansil John Barker 58 473 War 25 Jul 1833
Thomas P Lansil John Barker 74 501 War 25 Jul 1833
Thomas P Lansil CV Lansil 74 502 War 28 Mar 1836
TP Lansil Charles V Lansil 74 502 War 26 Mar 1836
Charles V Lansil TP Lansil 76 390 War 25 Mar 1836
CV Lansil Thomas P Lansil 76 390 War 25 Mar 1836
GW Tasker Charles V Lansil 108 259 War 8 Aug 1839
GW Tasker Charles V Lansil 108 260 War 8 Aug 1839
AP Lansil Charles Lansil 137 195 Qtc 11 Jan 1841
Charles V Lansil GW Tasker 137 196 Qtc 29 Oct 1842
Charles V Lansil G W Tasker 137 197 Qtc 29 Oct 1842
Amos Grout Asa P Lansil 146 345 Mort 3 Aug 1844
Wiggins Hill Ephraim P Lansil al 150 485 Qtc 16 Sep 1844
Wiggins Hill James P Lansil al 150 485 Qtc 16 Sep 1844
Wiggins Hill Ephraim P Lansil 150 486 Mort 16 Sep 1844
Wiggins Hill Martha Lansil 150 487 Mort 16 Sep 1844
Martha Lansil Wiggins Hill 150 554 Qtc 16 Sep 1844
Moses Patten Charles V Lansil 157 116 Mort 14 Jun 1845
Charles V Lansil Moses Patten 157 117 War 14 Jun 1845
Wiggins Hill James P Lansil 175 128 Mort 15 May 1847
Wiggins Hill George W Lansil 179 97 War 4 Aug 1847
Charles V Lansil EP Lansil 179 535 Mort 15 Sept 1847
CV Lansil Ephraim P Lansil 179 535 Mort 15 Sept 1847
MP Dudley Charles V Lansil 183 192 Qtc 3 Sep 1834
Ephraim P Lansil Wiggins Hill 191 378 Qtc 16 Sep 1844
Wiggins Hill Asa P Lansil 192 304 Mort 15 Dec 1848
Asa P Lansil Wiggins Hill 192 375 War 15 Dec 1848
GG Hathaway Charles V Lansil 192 499 Mort 1 Jan 1849
Susan Patten Charles V Lansil 194 322 War 28 Feb 1849
Ezekiel Andrews Asa P Lansil 201 499 War 24 Dec 1849
Asa P Lansil Ezekiel Andrews 201 500 Mort 24 Dec 1849
Asa P Lansil JP Lansil al 212 140 War 28 Jan 1851
AP Lansil James P Lansil al 212 140 War 28 Jan 1851
AP Lansil Martha Lansil al 212 140 War 28 Jan 1851
Asa P Lansil Ezekiel Andrews 212 215 War 15 Feb 1851
Anna Andrews Asa P Lansil 212 216 War 15 Feb 1851
Robert Long Charles V Lansil 218 63 Mort 23 Sep 1851
Charles V Lansil Heirs of James Carr 218 87 War 18 Aug 1851
LD Andrews Charles V Lansil 222 248 War 20 Feb 1852
GW Savage Charles V Lansil 222 351 Mort 20 Mar 1852
Charles V Lansil GW Savage 222 353 War 20 Mar 1852
Charles V Lansil LD Andrews 222 354 Mort 20 Feb 1852
Ephraim P Lansil Hiram Draper 222 537 Qtc 19 Mar 1852
Wiggins Hill Asa P Lansil 223 551 Mort 1 May 1852
George W Lansil Wiggins Hill 225 417 War 1 Jul 1852
Wiggins Hill George W Lansil 225 418 Mort 1 Jul 1852
Joshua Miller Asa P Lansil 231 341 War 24 Feb 1853
Asa P Lansil Joshua Miller 231 344 Mort 24 Feb 1853
Wiggins Hill Asa P Lansil 232 485 Asst 15 Apr 1853
James P Lansil Wiggins Hill 240 201 War 15 May 1847
MJ Cummings James P Lansil 240 203 War 18 Nov 1853
Asa P Lansil Wiggins Hill 248 470 War 1 May 1852
Luther Dana James P Lansil al 256 387 Mort 6 Oct 1851
Luther Dana Martha Lansil al 256 387 Mort 6 Oct 1851
Martha Lansil Luther Dana 256 389 Qtc 6 Oct 1851
Jesse McKee Ephraim P Lansil 261 536 Qtc 1 Oct 1855
Henry Harrison Thomas P Lansil 270 170 War 5 Aug 1856
Wiggins Hill Charles V Lansil 281 471 Tax 28 Nov 1855
Theodore Thompson Ephraim P Lansil 286 148 Mort 13 May 1858
Emily P Lansil JS Bennoch 288 202 War 22 Jul 1858
Charles V Lansil DC Oakes 289 78 Qtc 21 Sept 1858
RK Stetson Asa P Lansil 297 549 Mort 8 Oct 1859
John Wyman Thomas P Lansil 298 246 Tax 7 Oct 1857
Thankfull S Lansil HN McFarland 302 136 War 15 May 1860
JP Davis 2nd Asa P Lansil 311 58 Mort 2 Apr 1861
Edwin Lansil Asa P Lansil 319 165 Mort 3 Mar 1862
Edwin Lansil AP Lansil 319 165 Mort 3 Mar 1862
Edward P Lansil Market Bank (Bangor) 329 525 Qtc 27 Aug 1863
CV Lansil Edward P Lansil 333 383 Mort 1 Jan 1864
Charles V Lansil EP Lansil 333 383 Mort 1 Jan 1864
EA Upton Edward P Lansil 334 206 Qtc 15 Jan 1864
EP Lansil Charles V Lansil 334 249 War 1 Jan 1864
Edward P Lansil CV Lansil 334 249 War 1 Jan 1864
bangor Savings bank Charles V Lansil 338 471 Mort 5 May 1864
Charles V Lansil HB Williams 338 474 War 30 May 1864
Edwin Lansil Asa P Lansil 342 511 Mort 3 Oct 1864
Edwin Lansil AP Lansil 342 511 Mort 3 Oct 1864
ZT Dillingham Charles V Lansil 357 481 War 28 Apr 1866
Charles Webb Cornelia Lansil al 362 550 Mort 5 Jan 1867
Charles Webb Ephraim P Lansil al 362 550 Mort 5 Jan 1867
CM Newmarch Ephraim P Lansil 365 99 Qtc 2 Feb 1867
GA Stone Asa P Lansil 366 488 War 6 Apr 1867
Asa P Lansil SF Martin al 367 542 War 30 Apr 1867
Wm Lansel al Emily P Lansil 372 330 Cond Qtc 30 Oct 1867
Wm Lansel al Thomas P Lansil (wife of) 372 330 Cond Qtc 30 Oct 1867
William Lansil al EP Lansil 372 330 Cond Qtc 30 Oct 1867
Zilpher Lansil al EP Lansil 372 330 Cond Qtc 30 Oct 1867
JP Davis 2nd Edward P Lansil 373 535 Mort 27 Dec 1867
Charles Davis Edward P Lansil 375 50 Mort 27 Jan 1868
EP Lansil William Lansil al 378 384 Rel 27 Feb 1868
EP Lansil Zilpher Lansil al 378 384 Rel 27 Feb 1868
Emily P Lansil William Lansil al 378 384 Rel 27 Feb 1868
Thomas P Lansil (wife of) William Lansil al 378 384 Rel 27 Feb 1868
bangor Savings bank Edward P Lansil 387 334 Mort 26 Feb 1869
AR Lansel Emily P Lansil 390 82 War 5 May 1869
AR Lansel Thomas P Lansil (wife of) 390 82 War 5 May 1869
Amos R Lansil EP Lansil 390 82 War 5 May 1869
Charles V Lansil ZT Dillingham 395 41 Mort 28 Apr 1866
Edwin Lansil Asa P Lansil 402 511 Mort 1 Sep 1870
Edwin Lansil AP Lansil 402 511 Mort 1 Sep 1870
William Marcho Amos R Lansil 408 321 Qtc 7 Mar 1871
George Lansil James P Lansil 413 150 Qtc 23 Aug 1871
George Lansil JP Lansil al 413 150 Qtc 23 Aug 1871
bangor Savings bank Edward P Lansil 417 189 Mort 27 Dec 1871
AP Lansil Edwin Lansil 423 157 Dis 27 Jul 1872
Asa P Lansil Edwin Lansil 423 157 Dis 27 Jul 1872
John Goodell Jr Asa P Lansil 423 158 War 6 Aug 1872
Asa P Lansil John Goodell Jr 424 232 Mort 6 Aug 1872
bangor Savings bank Asa P Lansil 424 272 Asst 8 Aug 1872
GW Savage Charles V Lansil 442 464 Mort 2 Jun 1874
Charles V Lansil Bangor Savings Bank 443 358 Qtc 1 Jun 1874
FH Duffy Edward P Lansil 443 469 War 22 Jun 1874
Edward P Lansil Edwin Drew 443 473 War 22 Jun 1874
Edwin Drew Edward P Lansil 443 480 Mort 22 Jun 1874
Edward P Lansil George Lansil 464 294 War 1876
Edward P Lansil George Lansil 464 294 War 1876
Eliza B Nash George Lansil 467 38 War 1876
Cornelia Lansil Carrie Newmarch 472 407 Rel 1876
Samuel C Newhall Thankful S Lansil 477 494 Rel 1877
Samuel B Morison Thankful S Lansil 510 387 Rel 1880
AP Lansil Mount Hop Cemetery 521 119 Deed 1881
Warren N Pierce Louisa Lansil (gon) 531 318 Deed 1882
Charles V Lansil Warren Pierce 531 318 Deed 1882
AP Lansil Mount Hop Cemetery 533 215 Deed 1882
Charles V Lansil Mount Hop Cemetery 533 215 Deed 1882
AP Lansil Charles V Lansil 534 6 Deed 1882
Charles V Lansil Asa P Lansil 534 6 Deed 1882
AP Lansil Charles V Lansil 534 7 Deed 1882
Charles V Lansil Asa P Lansil 534 7 Deed 1882
Oscar Patten Ella Lansil 549 240 Mort 1884
Oscar Patten George Lansil 549 240 Mort 1884
Ella Lansil Oscar Patten 549 449 Deed 1884
Mount Hope Cemetery Thankful S Lansil 562 171 Deed 1885
AP Lansil Daniel Fernald 573 457 Deed 1887
Charles Chalmers Ella Lansil 584 409 Deed 1888
Malinda J Ellis James P Lansil 592 201 Deed 1889
Thankful S Lansil (Admr) James P Lansil 593 3 Deed 1889
James P Lansil Thankful S Lansil (Admr) 593 3 Deed 1889
Malinda J Ellis James P Lansil 594 144 Mort 1889
Charles V Lansil Henry Payne 595 229 Deed 1889
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