This was a lot of very good information and now I think that I have an actual direction instead of just going in circles. Thank you so much for your help. Look forward to asking you more questions in the future!! Thanks!!!!

Thank you very much for your help. I will certainly keep your contact for future need and question. Regards. Benedict S.

Great information! Some of the sources I need to review are still a little confusing to me since I am just learning how to do this but…she has given me quite a bit to work on so that is a good thing! I would definitely turn to Linda again for advice / information.

Pointed me in the right direction. I hit a brick wall and she showed me the door…

Excellent expert. I hope I have the chance to use her services in the future.

For the first time, I received a friendly answer from a live person! I can carry on from here, but may have to ask for more help later. Thanks for your prompt reply! Barbara

Linda gave me useful information about which I was unaware. I am new to this research, and I now have some clues. She responded very quickly.

Linda, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve been beating my head against the Salmon side of things for the past few weeks and not getting anywhere. This will help me find some additional paths to pursue!

Linda, Thank you for your help. I may use you in the future for more help. Thank You, Lynwood

Linda’s answer covered a lot of ground giving me more options in my search, I am very pleased with her effort.

Thank you , Linda. I think it probably would be too hard, or practically impossible to trace “father unknown”. But thank you for the info, especially finding the city. Now I know it is in Malden. ‘Maybe the Highland address is where she was sent as an unwed mother. They probably would have records of her living there, but not much more info unless someone remembered Ruth (from 1911! I think not) Anyway, thanks a bunch for your help. Audrey

Expert provided the most detailed and thorough answer, even more information than I was looking for! I feel like I have enough to guide me in the direction to locate the documents I am looking for, and an even better understanding of how the records are kept for my future research needs. Thank you so much…you are awesome!

Thank you so much for all your info..it has been a big help and i appreciated you adding the info.about my Irish gr.gr.Grandfather as i wanted to research him also in the future. Keep up the good work. Marie

Wow! Thanks for the detailed information. I am happy knowing that ancestors need to be searched by town/parish rather than last name. I think between the resources at familysearch.org and some of the ones you have provided I will be successful in getting more concrete information about my paternal family. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your information. Your answer was far outstanding to any others I received.

Thank you so much for the multitude of helpful links and points in the right direction!! I talked to my mother after I sent this query to you and she told me there is a bit more to the story that is so upsetting none of my Grandpa’s living cousins will speak about it but I shall keeping digging before I resort to hiring someone. I am very very appreciative of the time you spent with your very thoughtful and thorough reply. I shall definitely use your services again in the future should the need arise. =) ~Shelby

Hi Linda, You gave a wealth of information. I probably shall never use it all. I did use the Fulton History and I found info on Luther Fillmore. I never knew of that resource. I know you have pointed me in the right direction. Thanks for the info! Gary

Thank you for so much info!!!!! Will definitely seek out your services again in the future!

Several prior individuals have stated that Linda’s answers were more extensive than other posts. Those reviewer’s comments are an understatement! Linda made several successive posts, apologizing for all the posts. I though her apologies were comical, in an endearing way, since she was clearly trying to be as helpful as possible and there was no need to apologize. I thank you for all your efforts. Unfortunately it does appear that the individual I was seeking is deceased. Linda is quite amazing. Don’t expect miracles for $25.00 but do realize that she will deliver far more for your money than you could ever hope to achieve on your own. As an attorney, who has worked with many services (this was a personal family search and not part of my work), I do speak with some experience and can tell you she delivered an enormous amount of information. Thank you Linda.

Linda provided me with an answer that went above the basic question that I posed. Thank you for the great help.

Linda was very knowledgeable and gave me so much information. I will gladly use Linda every chance I get.

Thank you. I may be “calling” again. Regards, Jackie

Thank you for your help. I found your answer very interesting, well done and thorough. I appreciate your quick response and hope that if I hit a wall we can talk again. Sincerely, Richard F.

I’m amazed at the amount of info given. Linda not only answered my question, but provided links and info to move forward on other issues. Thank you so much Linda!!!

Thanks Linda – you have given me a lot of good ideas for proceeding! I have done some of the things you suggest, but certainly not all. Especially thanks for taking the time over the holiday weekend!

Holy Smokes !!! Thank you for listing all the URLs and ideas. This was exactly the kind of help I was looking for; guidance, not answers.

Thanks Linda, Your insight is top notch! Thanks Again, Jim

Hi Linda, You’ve given me so many wonderful resources I knew nothing about. Thanks for your excellent, detailed advice. Regards, Bonnie

As a novice in researching my ancestry, I’m very pleased with all the information Linda provided to get me started as the resources she provided will keep me investigating for some time as I make use of the suggestions/sites she sent me. I won’t hesitate to use your website Ask an Expert when my research requires Linda’s help again. Thank you so much.

Very Thorough !! I was able to use her recommendations and I actually found the person I was looking for. I highly recommend her for anyone trying to find info about their ancestors.

Linda, Wow, thank you so much for pointing me in a direction and providing great source information. Your advice/guidance will keep me busy for some time to come I am sure and I GREATLY appreciate the time you took to answer my question/inquiry. You FAR over delivered in your response and should I ever need a researcher I will be coming to you! Candace


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